Monpura, the daughter of beauty

Location of Monpura Island

Monpura Island is like a beautiful green land of natural beauty. Greenery, surrounded by the Meghna River, covers it. Monpura is as attractive to the people of the country as it is to foreigners. Bhola’s island district rises in the estuary with silt carried by the three main rivers Padma, Meghna, and the Brahmaputra coming down from the Himalayas.

As impressive as the history of this district’s origin is, there is also a touch of diversity in this district’s natural beauty. Especially the charred area’s guest birds, the deer running around, the rows of prison boats on the riverbank, the wild buffalo roaming in groups, the mangrove forests, the sky-scraping keora gardens, and the vast beaches on the horizon – everything touches people’s minds.

 Interestingly, Monpura is known to the locals as ‘Sagar Kanya’ as she was born in the sea’s lap. Here the message of the sun’s arrival in the morning and the scene of getting lost behind the clouds little by little in the western sky in the afternoon is incomparable. Again, another form of the island at night. The whole peninsula fills with silence like a veiled bride. Monpura Upazila, which is about eight hundred years old, is now a well-known name in the country’s southern part.

History of Monpura

The history of Monpura is ancient. Seven hundred years ago, it was the abode of Portuguese pirates. Evidence of which can be seen in the large furry dogs there. There is a lot of tourism brawny here.

Why attractive to tourists

The attraction of Monpura for tourists is the thousands of acres of mangrove forests. Besides, there are trees of external species, tenderness. There are also different species of animals, including deer, monkeys, bears.

Sagarakanya Monpura can captivate travelers easily. However, its image changes a lot in the winter season. With the arrival of guest birds from Siberia, new life awakens in the char areas. Then Sagarakanya Monpura became a sanctuary for guest birds.

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