Making Wise Fashion Choices For the Environment

Australia is one of the superpowers in the southern hemisphere. The Land Down Under holds the unique tag of being the only county in the world that is also a continent. Unfortunately, the price of such progress is the creation of waste. Today, Australians produce roughly 540kg of household waste per individual annually. The whole country also generates 67 million tonnes of garbage yearly, with only 37% being recycled.

If you are an Australian who cares about the environment, then “going green” is a top priority. One area where you can make simple yet concrete changes is through fashion. A lot of people generate tons of waste because of clothes that they dump in landfills. Following fashion trends equate to “fast fashion” with no longevity. However, making wise fashion choices, like selecting organic bamboo socks in Australia, assure you can stay fashionable without hurting the planet. Here are some vital things you can do to assure you don’t hurt the planet with your fashion choices.

Choosing Quality Pieces Over Quantity

Now is the time to choose quality pieces over quantity. Though buying quality clothes such as those made with bamboo cost a tiny bit more, they are still more affordable in the long run. Unlike cheap clothing that becomes dilapidated easily, premium high-end clothes last longer.

Remember, if you choose to invest your money in good quality fabric and timeless design, your clothes will last for many seasons. As a result, you get an excellent cost-per-wear ratio. Thus, creating a capsule collection for office, party, and casual clothes is a strategic choice that will never run out of style, even if trends always change.

Imbibe a Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalism is an eco-friendly choice that assures you are a good steward of the planet. If you truly want to save mother earth, electing a minimalist wardrobe means you save your money while saving the environment. When you buy key pieces made with good fabric, you don’t have to keep discarding clothes that only end up littering the overloaded landfills. To illustrate, bamboo socks in Australia last so much longer than ordinary cotton socks.

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Choosing a curated and minimalist fashion spread with neutral colours and classic cuts in your closet means you also reduce your carbon footprint. After all, regular fashion supports clothing factories that manufacture cheap materials using exploited workers. On top of that, these producers waste material resources. Imbibing minimalist fashion is the more responsible choice.

Assure Sustainability With Better Materials

Be a “fashion do” and avoid becoming a “fashion don’t” by selecting sustainable materials that provide tons of benefits. This means you can keep on using and reusing your clothes for many years. For example, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, keeping skin irritation at bay. This material is also antibacterial, helping you smell fresh and free from odour. Moreover, it helps wick moisture and keeps you better insulated no matter the weather.

Bamboo is one of the softest and gentlest materials on the planet, so you will surely love the way it feels for many years to come. Most importantly, this fabric offers natural UV protection, assuring you can keep melanoma or skin cancer at bay. With these qualities, you will be more inclined to use your outfits time and time again.

Final Wrap Up

When it comes to fashion, you can stay stylish without having to compromise the environment. With so many reputable companies offering quality materials, you can find a brand that lives up to your ethical standards.

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