Making a Shadow Box Frame: A Step-by-Step Guide

Make your own shadow box frame for your cherished things or original artwork with only a few basic materials and a little time and effort. Begin by figuring out the dimensions of your display item. Options for chair backs include wood and bigger sections that may be sliced down to suit. Wood glue and nails may be used to attach the frame’s sides. A picture frame’s front may simply be attached to a piece of glass using double-sided tape. Let your imagination go wild!

After the wood has been cut to size, it should be sanded.

Decide how big you want to make your main picture. If you plan on putting anything inside, you’ll need a large shadow box frame. Measure the object’s length and width using a ruler or tape measure before beginning to construct the shadow box frame. Please check out lightboxgoodman for more details.

To keep it in place, I suggest using plywood with a thickness of at least 36 mm.

The closer you can get to what you need, the better. Cutting a larger piece of plywood into the appropriate proportions is possible. If plywood is required to be sized, this is a possibility. Using a ruler and a thin piece of plywood as a backdrop, draw the shadow box frame dimensions onto the backing sheet of plywood. Plywood cutting lines are best achieved using a circular saw.

This project requires plywood that is 1 inch thick and 8 feet (2.4 metres) long.

All you need to make a shadow box is plywood cut to the proper measurements. Start with a piece of plywood that is thicker than the top, bottom, four sides, and four corners of your construction.

Use a 1 by 4 board to cut out the upper and lower portions.

Replicating plywood backers may be done using plywood boards measuring 1 by 4 inches (2.5 by 10.2 cm). We’ll be using a circular saw to cut off the top and bottom of our frame’s board.

Using 180-grit sandpaper, sand the surface to remove any burrs.

A thorough sanding will remove any splinters or rough spots. Determine whether each board is equal in size and shape by checking the cut edges and sides.

Here is it:

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