Major things to consider before buying new home

Many houses have been sold recently. As a result, it can be quite difficult to find your ideal home for sale. We make your search a little easier with the following seven tips.

Determine your wishes

What do you really want? Anyone who just starts looking at random wastes a lot of time. So make sure you first have a clear picture of the house you have in mind. Consider, for example:

  • Surface
  • Number of rooms (and the type of rooms / size of the rooms)
  • Balcony / garden / roof terrace
  • Amount of light
  • Layout
  • Floor (ground floor or first floor)
  • Location (the neighborhood, close to school, work, shops and other amenities)
  • Parking options
  • Accessibility by car and / or public transport
  • Year of construction (also in connection with isolation and noise)
  • Finishing (a DIY home or a house that you can move into immediately)
  • Wishes regarding the bathroom and kitchen

It can be useful to set priorities; you don’t think everything is equally important. And most houses don’t offer everything you want. Therefore put an asterisk behind the wishes that you find extra important. You can also find new house at Linda Peltz Realtor – eXp Realty.

Determine your budget

What do you have to spare for your house? You can of course determine a maximum purchase price for yourself, but it is more convenient if you base that amount on the maximum monthly costs that you want to spend and can pay. Those monthly costs consist of:

  • Mortgage interest + repayment
  • Municipal tax (Property tax, waste tax, sewerage tax, water board tax)
  • Maintenance (It is smart to set aside something monthly for maintenance. Even if you pay monthly costs to an HOA for maintenance).
  • Insurance (household, building and liability insurance)
  • Gas, water, electricity
  • Telephone, TV, Internet

Keep in mind that you will also get some back from the tax; you can deduct your mortgage interest from the tax.

Have you listed the above costs? Then you know, or can calculate, what your maximum net monthly costs may be and therefore what the maximum mortgage amount is that you can borrow. So keep in mind that most costs are in addition to those net monthly costs.

Stick to that maximum amount. When looking for houses, it is always tempting to search above your maximum amount. Because you will always see that the houses above your budget are just a bit more attractive than the houses that do fall within your budget. But don’t tempt yourself to spend more than you have or can borrow.

On the other hand, it also applies that you should not focus blindly on the selling price. That goes both ways; in some cases you will have to bid more than the sale price to have a chance. And in other cases you still have room to negotiate about the sale price.

Finally, now that you have agreed on a maximum price with yourself, it is useful to see whether that price is realistic if you look at the wish list that you have drawn up in tip 1. Do a first round of well-known house sites. You may discover that it is a good idea to adjust your wishes down or up.

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