Mado Maki 3 – The Most Popular Pachislot Game in Japan

It is known as the Evangelion Slot. This slot is a continuation of the popular anime series. Various versions of the series have been released, gaining a great moment amongst fans. Among the many popular variations of this slot, Mado Maki 3 Slot パチスロまどマギ3 has garnered the attention of fans. Here are some facts to know about this slot game:

Evangelion Slot

Despite the fact that the name “pachislot” is an abbreviation of pinball game, it isn’t a new concept. The concept of pachislots, or pinball machines, is similar to slot machines, but instead of spinning reels, players simply push buttons to manually stop the wheel. They play the same game as a traditional pinball machine, but they have a higher skill requirement. Pachislot games are extremely popular in Japan, and many of these establishments have tournaments and champion players.

Whether you prefer classic fruit machine style or the latest and greatest video slots, the Evangelion slot is one of the most popular games in Japan. The Evangelion slot machine has beautiful graphics and a thrilling soundtrack. There are five different types of pachislot machines, including the Symphogear Slot and the Super Mario Bros. arcade games are also extremely popular.

Diamond-shaped reels

The diamond-shaped reels in Mado Maki 3, one of the most popular Pachislot games, are unique to this game. Its bonus system requires a player to match at least two balls in a row. If all three balls are present, he wins a full house. If he doesn’t win a full house, he must continue playing the game until he does.

One of the most popular Pachislot games in the country is the Diamond-shaped reels in Mado Maka 3. The game begins in a burning field with Sayaka battling evil spirits. She meets a mysterious man Kyubey, who claims to be an alien race. The mysterious man is able to harvest the emotions of the magical girls to counter the entropy of the universe. Homura, meanwhile, uses his powers to protect the world. The Mado Maki 3 video slot is not difficult to play but is highly addictive.

Bonus system

Among the many Pachniko games that are popular in Japan, Mado Maki 3 Slot パチスロまどマギ3 features an interesting bonus system that triggers when a ball lands in a bonus pocket. A full house is achieved when all three balls are won, and if you hit a full house, you will receive bonus points and can continue playing. There are several other ways to win, too, including getting three bonus balls.

The first is the bonus system. Players can gain bonus points by hitting patterns on the grid or falling into bonus pockets. Once the ball reaches the bonus pocket, a flashing light will indicate that the ball has landed in a bonus pocket. Alternatively, they can also win without hitting bonus pockets. In the advanced version of Mado Maki 3, you can use the bonus system to your advantage by using your moves.


The legality of Mado Maki 3 Pachislotte game in Japan is a hot topic nowadays, and many are wondering how it works in the country. The Japanese are very strict about the use of gambling machines, which is why offline and online gaming are illegal. In order to circumvent these laws, Japanese players developed the concept of Pachinko Parlours, which host Pachislot slot machines. As you might have guessed from the name, these are noisy establishments.

In the past, Japan’s regulators had capped the maximum payout of a pachislot machine at 1.7 million yen. However, this has not slowed the industry, with fans spending about 1.7 million yen on the game every year. Despite the challenges, however, Sammy Corp. continues to release new games. It also remains unclear whether or not the company will be forced to change the name of the game.

Evangelion Slot is the most popular Pachislot game in Japan

Evangelion is one of the best-known gambling games in Japan. Its design and theme have been inspired by the Evangelion anime. This Japanese gambling game uses up to 25 coins, and it is possible to choose a coin value ranging from $0.01 to $1. Players can adjust their bet levels, increasing their bets as much as four times. The least amount of bet is 0.25 credits, and the maximum bet is 100 credits. All dominances in Evangelion Slot pay from left to right.

Evangelion Slot is one of the most popular games in Japan. Originally from the 1995 anime series, the game is based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga and anime series. It is the eleventh Pachislot in the series, and it has sold over 72,000 copies in its first week. Compared to other Pachislot titles, Evangelion Slot is not as addictive as its predecessors.

Evangelion Slot is owned by Koreans

If you’ve been wondering why the Evangelion Slot is owned by Koreans, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of casino games are owned by the same country – Korea. Koreans were notorious for hacking Japanese games. After the war, they banned Japanese media and culture. In response, Korean gaming companies began hacking Japanese games to make them more accessible to Koreans. At the time, arcade-style titles were the most popular games. Despite this, translation efforts were minimal, and bootleg translations of complex games were almost impossible to find.

This slot was developed by Gamevil, which is responsible for several popular anime and video games. In Korea, Gamevil’s Nom (nom) series was a smash hit and sold more than one million copies in 2003. This was several years before the Japanese hit the world with Final Fantasy X, and the company saw its first success after releasing the Evangelion slot. But the game suffered from rushed development. The storyline was confusing and the game was buggy. As a result, Softmax was forced to recall thousands of installation CDs because of a game-breaking bug.

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