MADDEN 22 Ultimate Team- Earn 100,000 Coins Per Hour!

Today this guide explains a MADDEN 22 man coil making method, breaks it down and shows you how to make 100,000 coins per hour in Madden 22, it’s not a brand new method but it’s a pretty solid method in the game.

If you want to see more coin videos then all we have to do is complete the sets for less, that’s what this method is all about, complete the team builder sets for less and then sell the cards, pick the correct cards you need to sell, it will be very easy to do, if you can get three elite cards for around 35,000 mut coins madden 22 that’s gold because for each set cards you all need three 80 to 82 elite cards and then you need 375 to 79 cards so if you can get three elite cards for 35,000 that’s the best deal, that’s the best case scenario, 35,000 or less and you’ll make it It’s easy, that’s all you need to do and it’s not that hard.

Sniper filter, from here to 80 to 81, you need three of these team affinity sets and then you can sort by all the offense and defense. Also, now that there are superstars, I’d go for core elites or flip to superstars, just depending on the price right now, until you find around 11,000 coins, because we want to spend 35,000 mut 22 coins total on three elite cards, so make sure to stay under 12,000 and 16,000 at the near end, and then just go through all the positions and not see anything, and just specifically Focus on all the offense or all the defense, focus on the newest cards, but you can see you sometimes have some new cards coming up, especially if they’re cheaper though just going through all the positions and looking at their prices, going through all the offense and then 11,350, right tackle, so that’s actually a good deal.

You can go for the latest cards to get the latest cards, another good option is to go through all the other cards and see what the prices are and do the same thing, but actually the superstar cards are not the closer end of the spectrum, which is the best way for me to sift through the cards in the auction house and snipe for these super cheap team affinity sets.

The complete gap player pack approach, all the way up to getting high gold and actually getting elite, you are going to open a player pack and swap cards all the time. If you buy gold on the auction house it’s about 6700 to 7000 gold, that’s just a lot of extra gold, if you open a player pack to get high gold you can make more gold if you wait and sell those cards at night which is around midnight to 4am, so your cards will sell for a lot more. I recommend doing Justin Fields because he has good speed, he plays well and I’ve played him. But Justin Fields is not very expensive right now, he’s around 45,000 gold, but you’re looking for cards that are priced above 50,000 and that will be the way to get the most gold on the cards.

Jeremiah Osu Okoromo is the best in the game At fullback in the game, make sure you pick him, don’t pick Najoku, go for the left outside back, he is now priced at 50,000 gold coins or more. Long Kyle Long another good card, look at the offensive line right back left tackle, a lot of people are realising they need him, this cornerback is here, Fabian Morale is here, he is the fastest cornerback in the game. He’s got 90 speed at cornerback, if you can get a guy with 90 speed for 50 000 dimes, you’ve got to get the Falcons cornerback, he’s really good, number 25 is the Jaguars right tackle, if you can get him for 50 000, another good card because he’s on the offensive line, here’s the Raiders right tackle Yannick Nick Way, he’s over 50k, same with Nick Martin, both of those cards are over 50k, so make sure you look at the auctions when you’re doing these sets and make sure the cards are priced at that amount, just make sure not everybody buys all the cheap ones and then it’s just the expensive ones, they’re going to go down checkmuttg. They might be 51k now, they might go for 46k , 47k, 55k1, but that’s how you make coins with the team affinity set, that’s the action now open these to get player packs, get gold cards and buy elites at the auction house for very cheap, under 35k madden 22 mut coins. If you’re looking for a new running back, check out the top running backs in the game.

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