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A car in excellent working condition must start in any weather. To do this, the car must have a battery ready for winters, filled with an electrolyte of the required density), winter oil in the engine (box), serviceable candles, and a properly working generator and starter. For starting a car engine in winter without any negative impact on the engine resource, the following tips will help.

Prepare the battery

It is very common for car engines not to start in the cold, and every car owner has faced these issues in winters. In any case, experts from the car wash at doorstep in Hyderabad recommend warming up the battery before starting the engine. Turn on the high beam and wait 20 seconds. This will help you avoid putting pressure on the battery and also increase its service life. On average, a car battery lasts three years. We do not recommend buying a battery with a larger capacity, as your car’s generator will not cope with charging a battery for which it was not designed.


Depress the clutch while starting the engine. It will make it easier for the car starter to start and eliminate the need to turn the gearbox shafts together with the engine. After the engine has seized, release the clutch after about a minute.


In winter, turning the ignition key in the lock in the right way is a matter of utmost importance. For starting the car, insert your key and wait for a few moments until the lamps on the instrument panel come on. Modern cars are capricious, so they come equipped with onboard electronics that regulate the fuel supply. When you turn the key, the fuel mechanism supplies the engine with the required fuel to start.

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In any season, do not turn the starter for more than 20 seconds. It can severely damage or kill it. Instead, try a few short runs.

Do not start your car abruptly

Short trips are really harmful for cars, especially in severe cold. If it becomes necessary to move the car slightly, it is better to push it manually. If you need to start the car anyhow, let the engine warm up before moving on.

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Warm up

Whether a car needs to be warmed up or not, its a dispute among mechanics at car wash at home in Hyderabad. In some European countries, engine warming up is prohibited for environmental compliance. In this case, it’s best to stick to the middle. You can warm up the engine, but not for long (5 minutes is enough). This is helpful for the duel and lubrication systems of the engine. Also, after moving, avoid any sudden accelerations and revs until the engine gets to the required temperature.

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Prepare in advance

It is a must for every car owner to change all oils and filters before the winter season. At the same time, while buying oil from a car service center in Hyderabad, ask its most preferable viscosity characteristics for the winter period. Also, study the recommendations from the car manual or use the services of car service specialists. A car mechanic will advise on the need for other procedures necessary for your car, like diagnosing the spark plugs, wiring, alternator, and battery.

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