Life With And Without Modern Technology

In this digital world, we can not think of a day without the use of modern technologies. Modern technology has changed our lives. We wake up with an alarm from a smartphone. Smartphone has become a part of our daily life. It has so many features that are useful to us in many ways. We can detect our location and also find our destination using a smartphone. The Internet has made the world like a social village where every people are connected. We can use social applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram to communicate with other people. We can listen to music and enjoy various games and sports sitting in our room. The computer is one of the most useful inventions. It has made our life much comfortable by reducing our work pressure. A computer can keep a company’s entire data.

Working with a computer reduces a lot of pressure. The invention of electricity kept us away from the dark, and electric fans also gave us relief from hot weather. Bus, Truck helps with faster transportation. Traveling space is not a dream anymore. Rockets and spacecraft have made this dream come true. In the previous century, people had to wait for the rain to get good crops. With the help of modern agricultural technology, people don’t have to taste their luck anymore. Medical science technology has improved, and people don’t have to suffer from small diseases anymore. Disease like cancer is curable these days. Disabled people can walk like an ordinary man with the help of an artificial leg.

Compared to these days, life was callous back then. No electricity, no smartphones, and computers were available then. People stayed in the dark during the night and felt the hotness of summer. People died from small diseases like fever, chickenpox, etc. No medicines for illnesses. Telecommunications and transportation systems were very difficult. People had to travel on foot. No bus and trucks were available then.

Modern technology has some negative impact on the environment. But, we can not deny the fact that life without technology is much more challenging. In this era, we can’t think of a day without needing the help of modern technology.

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