It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and forget what’s really important. We’re all guilty of taking our lives for granted and forgetting that there are people who would give anything just to be able to live their own. We will help you find your sanity again by reminding you about 5 ways that we can keep our mental health in check, no matter how rough life gets.

Number 1 is to remember why you started that life is pointless. Ask yourself what your original goals were, and where you want to be in the future. It’s important that we have something to work toward, a reason for waking up every morning with a smile on our faces. If this has been forgotten, then it may be time to look back on your past and figure out just what makes you “tick”.

With some introspection it becomes easier to find those reasons for being happy again. Maybe not everything is going as planned but there are still things worth smiling about. Sometimes it takes a bad situation or experience so that you can come out on top as a stronger person! After all, life doesn’t hand out free lunches – if it’s too easy, it probably isn’t worth having.

Number 2 is to take everything with a grain of salt; literally! Stress has been described as the silent killer, even small amounts can cause great damage.  Here’s how stress affects your body:

Stress activates pain pathways in the brain and increases production of irritants. This combines to set up an inflammatory response in the body – increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension and so on. The effects of cortisol (stress hormone) are far-reaching, including slowing down metabolism, increasing appetite/cravings for “comfort foods” that are high in fat, sugar or both. Cortisol also breaks down muscle tissue which leads to decreased muscle mass.

Number 3 is to make the most of opportunities when they arise. There will always be forks in the road, no matter how much we plan things out there will always be events that are out of our control and change everything. So, instead of asking why bad things happen and think life is pointless, it’s time to ask yourself what you can do with this new opportunity or challenge. Life would become pretty boring if nothing changed so embrace every opportunity with open arms because who knows how your life may change for the better?

Number 4 is to let loose more often, get off the beaten track! Everyone needs an outlet; it could be exercise, meditation or just letting off some steam at a party but whatever it is make sure it’s something that makes you happy.  We can all become consumed by our jobs or studies and forget to take care of ourselves. Taking time for yourself is crucial in keeping your sanity; you owe it to yourself to give your mind a break from everyday stress.

Number 5 is that life isn’t just about you, don’t be selfish! Life doesn’t revolve around one person. Think back to why you started doing something/took up a hobby and chances are it wasn’t just for your own benefit but also had an impact on other people’s lives too. This applies not only to the big things like starting a family or building a career but also with small decisions/interactions, so make sure you put others first. One small act of kindness can make someone’s day and bring a smile to their face; it could even change them forever!

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind thinking life is pointless without thinking about what is important, which is why it’s important that we’re reminded every now and again to be grateful for all that we have.  We hope these steps will help keep your sanity in check so that you can carry on enjoying whatever it is you do with a passion!

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