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Let Your Voice Be Heard By Your Team

As a leader, your voice needs to be heard when communicating, pitching, or pointing out ideas to team members during meetings or social gatherings. It is about speaking out and being articulate with your speech. This is one of the important features of a leader.

Discussed further is how you can let your voice be heard on your team at work.

  • Confidence

When you hear Jordan Fletcher Niagara talk, he speaks with absolute confidence. It would be rare to hear speakers using excessive fillers like, um, err, etc., nor use disclaimers where unnecessary. They would rather make use of affirmative sentences. As a leader, when you speak, it should be filled with confidence.

  • Purpose 

Every word that comes out of your mouth should be tied to a purpose. Speak with clarity, conciseness, and precision. While giving your speech, do not break eye contact and speak with assertion.  You should discard any form of aggressiveness and irritation. All these can be picked up in the tone of your speech. Take a break when you feel necessary and ensure every thought is well collected. For instance, if you watch James Corden’s shows, you’ll feel the level of confidence as he relates with celebrities. Not for once did he give the perception of cowardice or shyness.

  • Topic of discussion 

Let your discussion be built around your topic. This will give room for people to know how and when to contribute their quota. A baseless discussion is bound to tire out, and even if it doesn’t, it will not have any intended results.

When a topic is built, your audience will pay more attention because of certain reasons like growth and knowledge acquisition. For instance, if Jordan Fletcher St. Catharines was to give a speech, given that he has many specializations, he must choose one out of many and then build a discussion around it.

  • Be prepared

In every conversation, there is a need to be prepared. This is applicable to both planned and impromptu meetings. It is important to think and probably practice your speech before making a public debut. You can even ask for help if it is a planned meeting to scrutinize your performance. This will allow you to prepare and take care of those weak points the observers must have pointed out.

  • Conciseness 

When trying to get your voice to be heard, always start with the main points before digressing. Opening statements will determine if your audience will follow through to the very end. Capture their attention and let them forget their schedule for a minute.

In the End

When trying to get your voice out there, speak with a calm but confident voice. You have to learn how you can share your ideas calmly yet effectively. You don’t have to talk on top of your voice before your message is received. It’s even best to go a pitch lower than normal to capture your audience’s attention and for them to maintain silence.

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