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Tabla is one of the oldest musical instruments which was been in use since 18th century. The Tabla instrument is a pair of hand drums mostly used in Indian Classical Music. Apart from India, Tabla is popular in various countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Tabla is used by Sufi musicians in Quwali. Tabla is mostly used in devotional traditions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, and others. The instrument will be played in Bhajans and Keerthans during prayers. It is derived from the Arabic word Tabl, which means Drum. A Tabla is the pair of two different sized drums. The Small Drum is known as Daya and the bigger drum is known as Bayan. Two drums produce unique sound; smaller drum is used to create treble and tonal sounds, and the bigger drum is used to produce boss. Aspirants who wish to learn Tabla can approach Saamaveda Music Academy for best coaching by the professional trainers.

Indian Classical Music – Learn Tabla Online

Learn online course is now available in Online for music adherents who cannot attend the classroom sessions. Tabla Online Classes will be provided for all the learners across the Globe. Beginners, Intermediate learners, and advanced learners can start learning the Tabla Online. The classes will be taught via Skype. The online classes will be provided in various slot timings. Learners can select their convenient timings.   One-to-one care will be shown on each and every student.

Tabla Courses Offered in Saamaveda Music Academy                   

Tabla Course Information

In Tabla Classes, various topics will be covered starting with Basic syllables in Tabla, Theory and Practices concerned to the instrument, Taal Dadra and how to use it in accompanying a song, Commonly used words and phrases in table, Practice phrases for improving the basic words, play TaalTeentaal and use it with songs, play TaalRupak and use it in a song, Basic words like Traka&Tunna, use gaps effectively, Simple variations in Taals learnt so far, 10 beat TaalZaptaal and use it in songs, 12 beat TaalEktaal and its uses, TakaTage and Kidanaga, Will be able to confidently play a Tukada, Tihaai and a Mukhada in Teentaal, and various other advanced topics will be covered in Tabla Course Online as well as offline. Aspirants seeking to join the course can attend the demo class to check all the details about the course and to get an idea about the teaching skills.

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Free Demo Class: People seeking to attend the demo classes can register on WhatsApp +91 8106227758.

Website: Visit saamavedamusicacademy.in to check the Tabla Online classes’ information.

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