Lawyers and Attorney Business Websites in Usa – What you need to know?

As  a lawyer or attorney, you need to invest in your website to get more traffic and convert this traffic into customers. But just how can you achieve this exactly?

Aleph Website is an American company specialized in websites and they deal with law practice web solutions. They explain a few steps to optimize your website, improve it and get more convertible traffic.

1. Website Design oriented to moving visitors through the marketing funnel

Every industry has specific user behavior. So websites as well are different depending on the business in which you are. For attorneys and lawyers, this website structure must be as such that it pours confidence into the user’s mind and allows them to quickly learn who you are.

A few important details your homepage must have:

  • Successful lawsuits
  • Client testimonials
  • Contact Form
  • Phone number for quick contact
  • Links to blog or article posts where you discuss the most popular questions that customers have for you.

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2. Track User Behavior

In most cases, Law practice websites don’t use any tracking tools to learn more about the traffic. The premise is that “we already know our customers”. This may be true, but trends are constantly changing and online behavior does too, exponentially.

We recommend the following FREE tools to help you understand what the User is doing:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Social Media Analytics (Linkedin and Facebook are most common)
  • Crazy Egg (behavior on the page – a bit more sophisticated tool if you’re a beginner)

Make sure to respect the privacy policies of your region. Data collection is a sensitive topic and as lawyers, we are sure you’re familiar with some of the ramifications.

3. Optimize your website

Website optimization means the following:

  • JS and CSS caching
  • Image optimization
  • Lazy Load
  • CDN System
  • Firewall protection
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlink Optimization

As you can see there are many different ways to optimize your website. ALL OF THEM MATTER!

Now, as this can be overwhelming for lawyers and attorneys, we recommend hiring experts to get the job done for you.

Most of these optimization factors should be in-line with the initial build of the website as that’s how it is done properly. This means that you need to hire the expert from the beginning and keep them with you to secure the best optimization and maintenance of your website.

4. Work with Aleph Website

Aleph Website is a small company that specializes only in building Websites. As they say, they “Build Great Websites at Low Prices.”

Actually, the cheapest website a marketing agency can build you starts at MINIMUM $10,000.

Corporations and large enterprises work with marketing agencies as they can hold them liable for all failure. So this is rather a legal contract than a business contract.

Nonetheless, it’s out there if you wish to splurge money like a millionaire, buy a new website that costs $70,000.

Here is Aleph Website Pricing:


TOTAL COST $2,500 $4,500
Web Design Services


Web Development

Services Included

Web SEO Services


Web Maintenance




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