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Know More About PR Terminology Used in Top PR Firms

For gaining genuine popularity for your brand or services, it is important to contact a Top PR firm. While communicating with them it is important to have the basic knowledge of the term used by the professionals. If you are aware of the terminology, it will be easier for you to understand what are they going to do to achieve popularity for your brand.

For avoiding any kind of misunderstanding due to PR key terms and acronyms, check out the below list for the important PR terms used by the PR firms.

SEO: It is a very common term used in the world of Digital Marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to help your website to list in the top ten results of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) when searching for a particular set of keywords.

Backlinks: This is a technique that is used to get the link of your website from some other popular domain. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “external links”. This technique aims to add your website’s link to the domains that are already getting enough traffic. It is a great way to bring more traffic to your website from such popular domains.

CPM: The technique stands for “Cost Per Thousand” or “Cost Per Mile” and is used in digital marketing for pricing ads on websites. In this method, the advertising impressions are run on the web pages and the advertisers have to pay according to the number of impressions.  

Content Marketing: It is a great strategy for sharing necessary information about the brands or services on various blogging sites or articles. The content which does not advertise the brand or services and only shares useful information gains popularity and helps in attracting more traffic to the website.

Earned Media: This is the media relations most popular in PR firms. It is also known as “Free Media” which is just the opposite of advertising the brand or paid media. In this technique, the information about the client’s event, product, new brand introduction, etc. is shared with the third party and they use various endorsement techniques like story pitching, relations building, media relations efforts, etc. to earn publicity for the clients. Various digital platforms are used like genuine social media posts, online customer reviews, YouTube comments, etc.

Media Relations: It is a technique used to build beneficial relationships between the professionals of a PR consultancy and the Media. For gaining popularity for the brand and services, it is very important to maintain good and prestigious relationships with media reporters. It helps the communication process smoother with news media.

Pitch: It is the set of information sent to the journalists to gain their attention towards the brand and services. The pitch is prepared in the form of a presentation that contains all the important information like photos, videos, and other things which attract the journalists.

Impressions: It is used to estimate the traffic on the website and calculated as the number of people that visits the website and spend time communicating.

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