Keep kids away from harmful technology.

We all try to make our lives as easy as possible. Nowadays, advanced technology and gadgets have changed their lifestyle. These gadgets are not only fancy but also provide quick solutions to everyday problems.

Children’s gazette is m to keep pace with adults. But how useful are these technologies for children?? Have you ever wondered?

No technology is useful for children. Eason is a significant obstacle to the development of the brain in children. Which is capable of fooling our next generation and which is not desirable in any way.

So, we should keep children away from these technologies. Let them play outside, blend in with nature for their healthy development. But is it possible in these days of house arrest? Let’s see how it is possible.

Ways to keep kids away from electronic gadgets:

  1. Give time to children. Play with them, tell stories, take them for walks so that they do not always spend time with gadgets.
  2. Keep track of what the kids are watching on TV. Choose your TV program via Spectrum internet
  3. Keep smartphones, laptops away from children. Please keep them in a safe place so they can’t see.
  4. Always try to keep them drunk in studies and sports, not look the other way.
  5. Take care that they do not use mobile more. Get in the habit of reading storybooks. Determine how long you will play video games.


It isn’t right to use anything for a long time. Harmful to children’s eyes. So be careful not to spend too much time on it. Nothing is better. So, your children should not give anything more. If you give a gazette, give it in such a way that it does not cause harm to your child. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow.

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