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Insulation is one of the essential jobs to reduce your energy costs, improve your comfort or increase the value of your home. The insulation of a house, especially a roof and exterior walls, can prevent more than half of heat loss. The insulation, whether interior or exterior, makes it possible to limit heat loss to the outside and keep the heat produced by the heating. If there were no insulation, this would amount to heating directly outside. In summer, insulation makes it possible, on the contrary, to limit external inputs to guarantee a mild temperature inside, in particular by increasing the phase shift.

kinds of insulation-

insulation is one of the construction fields. Insulation is an operation aimed at reducing thermal losses or noise pollution in a building. Indeed, there are two kinds of insulation: thermal insulation and sound insulation.

  • Thermal insulation:Thermal insulation is the operation to limit heat transfer between the interior and exterior of a building. Its purpose is to keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer. Insulating a home also reduces the household’s energy consumption.
  • Sound insulation:Sound insulation or soundproofing is often carried out during the construction of the house. It makes it possible to limit noise between rooms or reduce noise pollution from outside.

Insulation Company helps your house to breathe-

Insulation companies are helping you and your house with their services. There are many insulation companies in San Jose, but attic clean 360 is the best one for everyone. They provide great service at a low price. They also have professional skills and can do any insulation work that you need.

They will do the interior insulation of any old house. Like-

  • Insulation of lost or converted homes;
  • Floor insulation of any old house above or below;
  • Interior wall insulation;
  • Insulation of roof terraces;
  • Windows replacement.

Advantages of insulation that everyone should know before insulating their houses-

  • Reduces energy consumption and ensures heat comfort-

Energy costs continue to rise, and thermal insulation is presented as a long-term solution to save energy on air conditioning or ventilation. The role of insulators to keep the interior cool in winter and summer without contributing to the operation of the air conditioner or radiator.

  • Sound insulation-

Insulation for interiors such as wall and opening insulation usually contributes to thermal insulation and contributes to sound absorption from the outside.

  • Insulation prevents moisture stains-

If the temperature difference between the inner wall and the outer wall is too great, moisture from outside will stick to your walls. You have two options to block it:

  • Either by insulating the walls from the outside.

Water repellents can be applied to the brick. You can apply an insulating layer finished with plaster. Moisture will then stick out.

  • Either by the cavity wall insulator, moisture will be blocked before it enters your interior.

Also, if your home has frequent stains, it means there is not enough ventilation. Windows have to open more or have a mechanical ventilation system installed.

  • Save on your energy bills-

A poorly insulated home generally experiences significant heat loss. Most of the heat from your heaters, in reality, ends up escaping to the outside sooner or later if sufficient precautions are not taken. With quality thermal insulation, these heat leaks can be drastically reduced, which will, at the same time, limit your energy consumption. Professionals working throughout attic clean 360 can advise and guide you in your thermal renovation projects.

  • Make your home more comfortable.

Roof insulation or walls not only save money but also helps to increase the comfort of your home. This will first balance the temperature between each room, avoiding significant heat differences. Insulation will also control the humidity of the house by absorbing excess moisture. In addition to limiting discomfort, it will also prevent condensation and even mold formation during the winter months. The insulating materials used allow you to benefit from their phonetic properties to reduce external noise pollution significantly.

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