Installing a Wi-Fi network: approaches to organizing it

All modern laptops and mobile devices are equipped with special Wi-Fi adapters, thanks to which access to the wireless network is carried out in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it can be home, corporate, or located in a public place.

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An unprepared user can also start work. It is enough to have an idea of ​​how it works and how it should work. The network is based on radio waves, otherwise it is completely similar to standard Ethernet options based on copper cables.

There are two most common approaches to home improvement:

  • Infrastructure
  • Ad-Hoc.

The former are somewhat more common, while the latter are not so much in demand. If you need to install wi-fi through one access point, talk about connecting Infrastructure. The system is implemented by installing a special device with an antenna for signal propagation.

The device also has a special socket for connecting a network cable. In principle, any device with an adapter can act as an access point. This could be a computer, router, or other device. In this case, he will act as a data transmitter.

The main task of the transmitter is to ensure the functioning of the wireless network. At the same time, it also authenticates the connected devices and acts as a filter for unwanted intrusions, i.e. implements security policy.

Ad-Hoc connectivity is ideal for networks with two laptops or multiple computers. In this case, installing wi-fi allows them to be connected directly.

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The advantages of wireless connections of the Infrastructure type are obvious, for this very reason they are so in demand. The most important advantage is high speed. It ranges from 450 Mbps. Whereas for the second systems, the maximum theoretical values ​​reach only 11 Mbit / s.

By correctly calculating the location of the access point, you can ensure the highest quality coverage. You can also combine several and create more coverage.

The undoubted advantage of Infrastructure is its ease of setup. Plus, by implementing DHCP, routing and NAT, such systems have great functionality.

With the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of different options, the installation of Wi-Fi will be easier and faster.

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