In search of history in Murshidabad

History, tradition always attracts people. He wants to find something new in Pudurno. Therefore, visiting historical places, installations has become one of the aspects of sightseeing or tourism.

Nawab Murshid Quli Khan of ancient Bengal was the founder of Murshidabad’s city in West Bengal, India. Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa are the capital cities of the town. There is also a reputation for tourism. However, the three-story ‘Hazar Duari Palace Museum’ will attract more tourists. It is a unique living example of Italian architecture.

Art galleries and libraries

There are ‘art galleries and libraries’ on the second and third floors. The art gallery has paintings by various world-famous painters.

Among them- ‘the burial of Sir John More, Adom & Eve. Black Bent ‘is particularly noteworthy.

Ground floor

The artwork of each room is exceptionally captivating. On the ground floor, there are arsenals, offices, caches, and record rooms. The arsenal is said to equip about 2,600 weapons.

These are said to use in the battle of Palashi. Just as there are swords and multi-barreled guns used by Nawab Alivardi, there are knives, weapons, and cannons of different sizes of Nadir Shah or Mir Kashem.

The traditional ‘tomtom’ (horse carriage)

Not far away, there is the desert of Palashi and the mango orchards as a witness of the future. Various installations in Murshidabad can view in the traditional ‘Tomtom’ (horse carriage).

Thousand Doors Palace Museum

Imam Bara locates on the opposite side of the Hazar Duari Palace Museum. On the holy Ashura occasion, during the first ten days of Muharram, this picturesque building is open to the public.

At this time, a fair also holds here. Currently, two architectures are under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India.

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A few historical places

You can also visit several historical places. Notable among these are Kathgola Bagan, Nashipur Rajbati, Azimunnesa Samadhi, English Samadhi, Dutch Samadhi, Jagatsheth’s House, Siraj’s Palace Hirajhil, Motijheel, Katra / Chak Mosque, Rani Bhabani Temple.

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