If I persist, will I win the Jackpot in a Slot game? 

Winning the jackpot of a slot game is something that most players dream of. A massive jackpot is one of the main reasons why players try their luck with certain slots at Topp Spilleautomater.

Unfortunately, there is no way that players can guarantee success when playing slots, it all comes down to luck.

There is no right way of doing things and what works for one player is not certain to work for another. Despite this, more players than ever before try their luck at the jackpot of their favourite slot game. Many players take the attitude that persistence is key, the slot will payout eventually. This article will answer the question as to whether your continued persistence is really worth it.


Before discussing the chances of winning the jackpot of slot games, it is important that players are able to understand key components which help an online slot game to work. These are the RTP and RNG. Both are absolutely vital to ensuring that players have a fair and fun experience. RNG stands for random number generator, it is a piece of code that is in every slot machine. The RNG ensures that a slot is completely random and cannot be rigged by casinos or nefarious players. The RTP stands for return to player and it is the percentage of return that players can expect to see over a period of time, this percentage will always fall under 100%. For slots the RTP generally sits around 95% but there are slots which have an RTP up to a whopping 99%! 

Play Smarter, Not Harder

Now that you understand the basics, it is important to realise that you must play smarter with online slots. There is no point in wasting your time on a slot which has a low RTP if you need to see a payout relatively soon. Formulating a strategy concerning what sort of return you would like to see and how often you wish to see payouts can be crucial, this will help you decide on choosing the right slot for you and your gameplay. It always pays, both figuratively and literally, when players research slots beforehand. This not only gives you a better idea of what to expect but can also inform the decisions you make. 

Know When to Quit

Another important thing that players must remember is to know when to quit. Persisting with a task usually shows grit and determination but when it comes to online slots, with money on the line, this is an irresponsible way to play. Jackpots aren’t more likely to payout to players who invest more money into them thanks to the RNG so you will just have to accept that sometimes you are not going to win.


Persistence is no guarantee of winning the jackpot in slot games, it doesn’t affect the rate of payout at all. Players should be aware of this because that attitude can lead to irresponsible online slot play and prove potentially dangerous to their finances.

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