Idaho’s car accident laws for Pedestrians 

Idaho in many ways is one of the safest state for pedestrians in the country. Idaho reports each year some of the lowest number of fatalities for pedestrians. While things are not as rosy as one would like them to be, pedestrians are generally well protected with the legal framework. On the other hand, one should also know that pedestrians suffer grave injuries in 97% of the cases in accident laws in Idaho. If you have faced such an incident, do sure to call a local Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. Below are 3 rules pedestrians need to keep in mind to be always on the right side of the law. 

Right to Crosswalk

If pedestrian is within reach of a crosswalk, all vehicles are expected to yield, or slow down to make way for pedestrian. This is applicable at stop-signs, wherein traffic lights are not available. These laws are designed to protect accidents. Hence, if you are motorists, be sure to follow it thoroughly. If you fail to yield, or slow down, this can work against you severely in court of law. 

Traffic Lights 

All pedestrians are expected to obey traffic lights signals. They are only allowed to cross crosswalks, where there are traffic lights, when these devices permit them to do so. If you are a motorist, and if you happen to hit a pedestrian not following these rules, you will likely have the law on your side. However, in such cases, be sure to offer all the assistance to the pedestrian. This includes filing a police report (the duty of the motorists in pedestrian collisions), call on legal, and medical help. Make sure the pedestrian is safe. 


Jaywalking is often a bad idea when it comes to law. Pedestrians are expected to cross roads only at intersections designed to help them. While jaywalking, you also need to keep in mind that many motorists fail to follow the law, when it comes to following pedestrian rights. What this means is, you can be fatally injured while jaywalking, and despite the legal framework protecting pedestrians, you might never be able to avail it. Be sure to follow protocols for your own safety.

Hitting a pedestrian with a motorcar or bike can result in significant damages due to medical bills, and other legal liabilities. For example, you may also need to incur loss of income for the other party for foreseeable future. Be sure to hire an experienced attorney to investigate the case thoroughly. 

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