How To Use Vanity URLs For Paid Ads?

Very few chances are there that you have listened about vanity URLs. This term related to digital marketing is not a common thing for newcomers. But if you have listened then it is sure that now you have a lot of doubts in your mind about vanity URLs. You can simply call them customized URLs used in paid ads or any other advertisement campaigns. But is it the complete information that you need about vanity URLs? No, there is a lot of other information associated with vanity URLs. Here in this post, we will talk about vanity URLs. 

A step by step guide will be there to help you use vanity URLs in your paid ads. But why should you use such URLs? Well, to get an answer to this “why” you will need to know more about vanity URLs. And still, you don’t have to worry, because as a SEO reseller, we will explain vanity URLs in simple words.

Know About Vanity URLs

Without knowing the definition, the value and importance of vanity URLs, there is no meaning to using them so it is important to know more about vanity URLs. Here are a few things that you need to know about vanity URLs before using them in your paid ads.

What Is A Vanity URL?

A vanity URL is simply different from your current domain. In vanity URL, you add customized text according to your requirement. Most of the time the requirement is related to the paid search campaign. Most of the advertisers who use a vanity URL, place their ad campaign name and use it as a vanity URL. A vanity URL is used as a redirecting link that redirects your leads to a specific location or landing page.

How Is It Different From Domain URLs?

Vanity URL never includes the primary domain URL in it. It is completely different, however, most of the times vanity URLs are created on the same site. 

Following is the example of a domain URL: 


Following is the example of a vanity URL:

www.adcampaignname .com / newoffer

Here you can see you can make your vanity URL according to your requirement. In place of “ad campaign name” you can place your ad campaign name and in place of “new offer” you can place your offer name. 

Importance Of Vanity URLs

But why are all of the ad campaigns using vanity URLs if there are other options available to redirect your traffic to a landing page? There are many reasons for the usage of vanity URLs. Following are some of these major reasons. 

Trust Buildup

When you use a vanity URL in your paid search ads, you will find it easy to build a trust relationship with your customers. 

High Click Through Rate (CTR)

People click more on customized URLs as compared to the general links. So indirectly or directly, you will be getting a high Click Through Rate (CTR) in your paid ads if you use vanity URLs for redirection. 

Easy To Remember

Your ad campaign name is easy to remember, right? Then why don’t you make your URL also easy to remember? Vanity URLs provide this feature to you.

Easy To Share

As it will be easy to remember, it will be automatically shared more than any other hard to remember the link. That is why vanity URLs are preferred more.

Easy To Track

Vanity URLs are easy to track and you can see insights of such URLs easily and analyze things accordingly to get better results in future.

Using Vanity URLs For Paid Ads

Now the question is how to use vanity URLs in paid ads. Following are some steps that you will need to follow to use vanity URLs for paid ads. 

Create A Domain On Your Website

The first thing is to create a domain on your website & you can simply use any domain URL or you can create a new one, which should be similar to the ad or marketing campaign for which you will use it. 

Make It A Landing Page

Now make a landing page where all of your traffic from your ad campaign will arrive. This landing page will be the major element and there will be a link of redirection made between the ad campaign and landing page with the help of a vanity URL.

Create A Redirect

Now create a redirecting link to use as a vanity URL and there are several ways to do it. Following are two common ways that you can use vanity URLs. 

  • Use 301 Redirect

  • Or Use A Link Shortening Tool

Now Add Your Vanity URL In Ad Campaigns

After successfully making a redirecting vanity URL, you need to set it up with your ad campaign. The last step is to add your vanity URL to your ad campaigns. After this, you will be able to track the clicks, conversions, etc. 

Vanity URLs can make your paid ads more effective. It will create more awareness about your ad campaign among the audience. There will be more leads to interacting with your ad campaign, and as a result, there will be more conversions. You will be getting more click-through rate by just using vanity URLs. So never neglect their value and make them part of your ad campaigns. For more assistance you can opt for SEO services.

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