How to restore dull skin to be bright

Any girls who have a reason to go out to parties often? and began to feel that he wasn’t sleeping enough Including the skin starting to shabby, dark under the eyes, dark circles, if these problems exist, you must hurry to restore the skin. before the body was destroyed and the skin was even more damaged. Today we will tell you about 5 ways to help recover the shabby skin of girls. caused by a very heavy party come back to look bright healthy as usual

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5 ways to recover damaged skin after a heavy party

1. Wash your face thoroughly.

No matter how tired or wanting to sleep, you must remember to wash your face. And must be washing your face thoroughly, do not leave any residual makeup. Because leaving your face dirty can lead to acne problems. Wrinkles and dull face

2. Don’t forget to nourish under the eyes.

After a hard party The most noticeable thing on our faces is the dark circles under the eyes. which Some people may have problems with bags under the eyes. This under-eye problem makes our face look duller and duller than it actually is. Therefore, we need to nourish under the eyes to make our faces look healthy.

Eye cream to reduce dark circles, reduce bags under the eyes

Clinique – Moisture Surge Eye Hydro Filler Concentrate

Eye cream eye cream to reduce dark circles, reduce bags under the eyes, dark circles, panda eyes Clinique – Moisture Surge Eye Hydro Filler Concentrate

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Hydro Filler Concentrate auto-replenishing lipid-sphere, a technology that helps replenish moisture Locks in moisture and continuously releases moisture into the skin around our eyes. When the skin around our eyes is dry or dehydrated. The texture is a thin gel. Soft and absorbs very quickly, not greasy.

3. Full skin care step

The main problem with skin after a hard party is dull, dry and dull skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use skin care to restore healthy skin. The skin care that we choose should contain hyaluronic acid or hyaluronic acid. Because it has properties to help restore the skin. Makes the skin hydrated and full of water. In addition to using skin care that helps restore moisture to the skin, you can also use skin care that helps reduce wrinkles and add more facial masks.

4. Eat fruit and drink lots of water.

The vitamins in fruit can help to refresh our body. But in addition, these vitamins are essential to our skin as well. Especially vitamin C that can help directly nourish the skin. including drinking lots of water. It is also a replacement for the time when the body loses water and also helps drive alcohol out of our bodies.

5. Find time to go to bed earlier.

After the heavy partying period, I need to find more time to sleep. Both to replace during sleep deprivation and to balance the body back to normal. In addition, sleep also helps restore the skin. Make your skin return to good health as well.

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