How to Puppy Proof Your Apartment?

If you are a new pet parent, you might feel like there is no need for puppy-proofing the apartment. But, once you get the puppy home, that’s when you realize ‌you need better arrangements to raise a puppy in a home. So, keep reading this article.

There are countless numbers of things you need to do to puppy proof a place, but below mentioned are a few of the most important:

  • When your dog is in the puppy stage, keeping them in a relatively confined place is okay. For example, you can build a separate area for your dog in the home or keep him in a place like the kitchen and make a baby door from where he can communicate. Of course, you’ll need to take him outside regularly for toilet breaks and a little exercise.
  • Also, keep the puppy in a place where it is easier to clean any food or toileting mess.
  • When trying to make a small pup comfortable in your house, ‌‌see the apartment through a dog’s eyes. If anything is in your dog’s reach or lying on the floor, make sure you remove them unless they are fine to be chewed. Keep cords, chargers, and other potentially harmful items out of reach.
  • If you get a puppy and you have to leave for work, make sure you leave lots of food and toys on the floor. Giving them plenty of things to chew will keep them away from furniture, shoes, and every other within their reach. This is important because puppies are mischievous.
  • If you leave your pup at home with enough toys and still find them chewing furniture, you can spray the furniture with no chew spray. These sprays are beneficial – they may keep your pup away.
  • Human food should be kept in a place that’s impossible for your pup to reach.If you are unsure whether ‌your puppy can reach the food, don’t take chances because they always surprise you.

So these are some of the simple things that can be done around the home to keep the small furry buddy safe and secure. But, the most essential thing that one should do is get pet insurance as soon as you get a small puppy home. It is highly recommended to get best pup insurance because anytime your pet is sick, you don’t have to worry about the monetary expenses. Puppies can easily contract diseases and become ill or injured in other ways, even if they are well taken care of. That is why if you have pet insurance NZ – or specifically cat insurance NZyou will enjoy peace of mind that you and your pup are covered for emergencies, whatever they may be. Getting health cover one for a puppy is very easy.

Raising a small puppy is already expensive; if you then need to make payments out of your pocket for medical expenses it can burn a much bigger hole in your pocket. But it won’t be the same if you have cat insurance NZ. So make sure when you get a puppy home to do two things immediately, puppy proof the apartment and get pet insurance. For more information visit this site: isaimini

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