How to properly get your house Insulated

In the modern-day, people are trying to be more and more eco-friendly and act in a way that does not damage the environment. People are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the negative impact humanity has on nature. Due to the rise in global awareness regarding phenomena such as Global Warming and the finite amount of fossil fuels available to humanity, new ways are being developed which can help improve the current condition of the Earth. The Housing industry is no different as many recent advancements have been made that allow us to save the energy that is usually spent on either heating or cooling our houses. Many people are trying to get their houses properly insulated as it allows them to play a role in saving our environment and it also nets the homeowners a considerable saving in their electric bills.

So how to go about this?

Most houses that being build today and those that have been recently constructed have some form of insulation put into them. It is becoming an industry-wide standard to have insulation being installed along with Drywalls. If you are building a new house then you have the perfect opportunity to have your preferred form of insulation installed. Since building a house using drywalls is very convenient the homeowner has the most variety of insulation available at this time because different types of insulation require the walls to be built in a different way for example some types of insulations require studs to hold them in place while some insulations are filled in the walls. When it comes to installing insulation while a building is being built most people choose Fiber Glass Batts this is exceptionally true for residential buildings. The reason behind this choice is that Fiber Glass Batts are very cost-efficient and are made to fit into a wall that has industry-standard studs. As a bonus, the fiberglass batts are very fire resistant although not enough to withstand a flame for a very long time they can certainly help if the worst comes to pass.

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When it comes to a house that has already been built the options become limited. The owners can decide to open the drywall and then install insulation, and this can be a good idea if the drywall is also going to be replaced or repaired however, this can become very expensive. Therefore, people often choose injection foam insulation in such scenarios. In this type of insulation, the foam is injected into the wall and allowed to expand and then cure. This type of insulation enjoys the benefit that as the foam expands it guarantees proper coverage even if there are plumbing pipes present in the wall. It can reach around electrical boxes and pipes to ensure that no part of the wall is not touching the insulator and allowed to conduct heat. Moreover, as the foam spreads, it can fill in any crevice or crack in the wall where other insulators which are flat rigid surfaces would have not made contact. This ability to fill cracks and crevices also supports the wall increasing its rigidity once the insulation has dried.

Both the aforementioned types of insulations are very long-lasting and are a worthy investment. Find more info regarding insulation and get a quote.

Another good way is to install properly insulated windows. Most people are choosing Vinyl windows nowadays over aluminum. Aluminum or other metallic windows are poor insulators whereas Vinyl is very good at insulating. Installing a window that is made up of two sheets of glass with air in between is also a very common way of insulating your windows.

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Having proper insulation can help drive the cooling and heating bill down during summers and winters respectively and it is a good way of reducing our impact on the environment.

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