How To Play 7 Reel Slot Machines?

7 reel slots are a change of pace for anyone comfortable playing on 3 reels and 5 reel slots. For many gamers, less is more when it comes to the choice of slots, but some people give in to the “more is never enough” theory, and 7 reel slots are designed precisely for those folks – play casino.

If you have an affinity for 3 or 5 reel slots, there is no harm in trying the 7 reel slots as well.

What are 7 Reel Slots?

A 7 reel slot machine has 7 reels, and each reel has different pay lines.

Initially, the game wasn’t very popular as there weren’t many games with 7 reels. However, with time, 7 reel slot games have picked up popularity as you can now find casinos that offer this variation in slot games to their enthusiasts.

The good thing about playing the game in an online casino is you can get to play it for free while you are learning it and decide if you want to play it for real money. This is one facility you won’t get if you play the game in an offline casino.

Why should you choose 7 reel slots?

This is a valid question often presented by slot game players. The term “reels” applies to the vertical spaces that move when the spin button is pressed on the control panel.

Why would you choose 7 reels when 3 or 5 reels offer the same functionality? 7 reels are more effective while playing slot games because more reels increase the chance of winning at the game. The way 7 reel slots are designed, it is easier to cash out at least small wins on each of your spins.

Where to find 7 reel slot games

While the number of 3 reel and 5 reel slot games are almost countless, 7 reel slots are also available in the market now. They are played in online casinos only as live casinos haven’t yet started featuring them. Many game developers have brought about good 7 reel slot games. Owing to the fact that they release new games weekly makes us sure that new developers will jump on the bandwagon and spoil us for choice soon.

How to play 7 reel slot games

Playing a 7 reel slot game is fairly easy, just like any other slot. You choose a wager, press the spin tab, and repeat the process until you get the results you desire.

To make things easier, most 7 reel slots have only 7 pay lines and are usually deprived of the video, animations and detailed graphics that is the signature mark of their 5 reel competitors.

However, players are offered multipliers, free spins and bonus symbols to boost their earnings on winning combos.

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