How to Overcome the Challenges of Personal Care At Home

Personal home care services are vital for seniors, who are unable to perform daily tasks on their own. They need assistance even since they wake up in the morning until they fall asleep. Moreover, adults in the family may not be available to help the ill person in the family. If you have opted for Philadelphia personal care services, you might be facing a number of issues with them, which is quite common if you have hired him for the first time. Some of the steps to overcome these issues are elaborated on below:

Challenges due to the medical condition of the patient 

If your senior or any of the family members have lost hearing or vision, he may not be able to communicate well with the personal caregiver. If you are the primary caregiver, you will need to help the personal assistant to understand the patient’s routine, temperament and other habits. It may take some time for both of them to be comfortable with one another.

Refusing to perform daily activities 

In many cases, seniors with recent changes in their medical condition can refuse to perform basic activities such as eating, bathing, brushing and grooming. The caregiver may have to be a little more patient while offering his services. You will have to work closely with him so that the patient and the caregiver can adapt to these new habits and developments. Without your involvement, things can get even more challenging.

Inefficient caregiver 

It has been observed that not all caregivers are able to perform their duties as expected. Many clients have reported that these professionals keep busy attending to their personal calls skipping the time for meals and medicines. Since the patient may not be in a sound mind, they stop caring for him. It not only affects the health of the patient but also the entire family. It is a good idea to replace the caregiver immediately if you feel that the patient is not recovering.

Your patient is not happy with a personal care assistant 

Seniors may not be happy about someone outside of the family has been hired to look after them. They might feel left out and unwanted. In such a case, you need to sit with your elders and tell them that you love and care for them. It is also a good idea to educate them on the benefits of hiring personal home care.

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