How to Get Perfect Eyelashes

In case this wasn’t common knowledge already, the beauty industry is enormous. The global false eyelashes industry is expected to register a CAGR of 6.2% between 2020 and 2025.

Among the top brands, KISS lashes make some of the best quality falsies or false lashes in circulation. Despite how simple they look, however, false lashes can be a hassle to pick.

Read on to find out how to figure out the best one for each eye shape.

Determine Your Eye Shape

Understanding the form of one’s eyes will aid in determining the most refined make-up to suit a face, but how can one determine the shape of their eye? For this, they need to examine the full eye shape and observe the following.

  • Is the entire iris visible, or does the lid conceal a portion of it?
  • Consider if the eyes tilt upwards at the sides and how much space there is between them in the centre.
  • Examine the crease of the eyelid and see if it is noticeable with the eyelids open.

Almond Eyes

Almonds eyes are slightly pointed towards their ends, with a broader middle where the lower and upper lids hide the iris’ curve. Full, evenly spaced lashes will add volume and look best on such an eye shape.

Round Eyes

If the majority of the iris can be seen, then they are round eyes. Curly lashes can be used to elevate and enhance the curve of the top lid in this shape. Avoid using heavy, voluminous lashes, which will make the eyes appear smaller and flat.

Mono Lids

Mono lids (or epicanthic folds, as they’re formally known) are where the skin covers the top eyelid, and no crease is evident. They’re most frequent in Asian eyes. Mono lids can wear top-heavy styles and especially fluttery, multi-layered lashes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes feature a crease with a strong brow bone, which conceals the eyelid when the eye is open. The incorrect style of lashes can draw hooded eyes down and make them appear small. To completely open the eye in the centre, use a combination with long lashes just over the pupil.

Deep-Set Eyes

People with elegant deep-set eyes that sit beneath the brow bone should draw attention to their large eyes. Look for lashes that are especially long and curl up and away from the eye. These will help avoid unsightly mascara smudges on the brow bone.

Upturned Eyes

People with upturned eyes, whose outer corners are higher than the inner corners, are ideal candidates for a cat-eye. One can apply a flared half lash in the outer corner for a quick feline look.

Summing Up

This article has summed up the different false eyelash styles that anyone should use when enhancing their eye look. It may appear slightly tricky, but picking the right kind of lash will be a piece of cake as soon as one gets the hang of it.

Further, all of these styles are abundantly available at KISS lashes. If anything, buying premium high-quality falsies is even easier now.

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