How to Enter GE Universal Remote Codes

The GE universal remote is capable of operating a variety of GE devices. To learn how to enter the correct codes into your GE universal remote, press the Setup button and choose the appropriate category. You will then be prompted to enter the 4 digit code that will turn off the indicator light and turn on your device Webshots. Once you have entered the code, you can point the remote at the device you wish to control. In order to test the codes on your GE universal remote, you must press the power button on the remote and turn off the device.

You can also manually program your GE universal remote by following the steps listed below. To do this, you must power on the device you wish to control. Next, press and hold the Code Search/Setup button until you see an indicator light illuminate 3net. When you have successfully entered the code, you can now use the GE universal remote to operate the device. You can also use your GE universal remote to control multiple devices, such as your television and DVD player.

You must remember to have the batteries installed before you begin programming. Next, look at the GE universal remote’s model number. The model number will indicate whether it’s a newer or older version. Lastly, check the GE universal remote’s code list. It should be at least V5 and have a version number of V1 to V5. If the device doesn’t have a version number, it probably is an older model Lockerz.

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