How to Decide on the Best Air Compressor

This piece is about the price of an air compressor in Kenya. It has everything that you need to know about air compressors and everything that you should consider before buying one. Compressors vary in features, usage mechanisms, and prices; you will get to know about all that shortly.

Just like the name, air compressors are used to recycle power into energy, which is then stored as pressurized air. Air compressors were invented back in the 1880s. Over the years, there have been developments, advancements, and innovations. Due to the improvements, there are different air compressors, and they use varied mechanisms.

Below are some of the common air compressors in use today:

  1. Petrol Air Compressors
  2. Electric Air Compressors

Electric Air Compressor

Electric air compressors are the most common compressors in use today because they are easy and efficient. During usage, electric air compressors are quieter compared to petrol air compressors. These air compressors need electricity to function. Electric compressors do not produce gases during use, like petrol compressors. They are popular due to their quiet and clean nature.

Petrol Air Compressor

Electric air compressors are limited because of their dependency on electricity. Petrol air compressors are commonly known as power-intensive compressors as they are not limited to anything. Like their name, they need petrol to function, so they Emmitt gases and fumes during operation. Petrol air compressors make noise during functionality. However, they are very popular in remote areas where there is no electric power supply.

An image of a petrol air compressor

Pros and Cons of Petrol and Electric Air Compressors

Pros of Petrol Air Compressors

  • Used in remote places, as they do not use electricity
  • They are strong, dependable, and can function for a longer time
  • They can perform power-intensive jobs
  • They are cheaper since they use fuel

Cons of Petrol Air Compressors

  • They produce a lot of noise, causing noise pollution
  • Emmitt gases during operation hence should be used in open or well-ventilated places
  • They should be operated with safety precautions

Pros of Electric Air Compressors

  • Can work from wherever there’s electricity and run for however long there is electricity
  • They are quieter and suitable for indoor jobs
  • They are portable
  • They are safer as they shut down automatically when pressure exits the set limit.

Prices of Electric and Petrol Compressors in Kenya

The air compressor price in Kenya varies. The prices vary depending on various things. From tank capacity, hp, psi, brand etc.

When choosing an air compressor, there are things you need to assess before picking one that suits you. Some considerations are portability, functionality, safety, performance, and many more. The decision is up to you; you know what will work best for you, depending on your needs.

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