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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture pieces determine the practicality of a patio or balcony. Depending on the anticipated number of guests, varying requirements must be met in various public spaces such as bars, dining rooms, lounges, pool decks, etc.

Although durability, comfort, and functionality are paramount, the colour and design of your furnishings are also vital in creating a unified aesthetic for your outdoor retreat. Given the wide variety of materials, it might be difficult to know where to begin looking. The best outdoor table may be found by following this advice.

Location and Weather

When looking for an outdoor table, you should also consider your area’s climate. The climate and setting should inform your choice of tabletop material.

Weather resistance is a must for outdoor furniture. All too frequently, this comes down to how climate and humidity affect certain furniture materials. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the most popular table materials and how the weather impacts them.


Regarding furniture, wood has always been considered both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This option is timeless and agreeable, making it flexible enough to work in many settings. The price is the first major downside. The aesthetic value and relative rarity of high-quality wood contribute to this furniture material’s high price.

Furthermore, wood requires more upkeep than other furniture materials. The type of wood you have will determine how often you’ll need to clean, stain, and varnish the surface. The result is a higher cost to own it overall.

Some types of wood are particularly susceptible to the effects of the elements, especially water. Water can infiltrate deep into the wood and cause it to swell and decay. Further, it will promote the development of mould. When heated, the material becomes brittle and cracks readily.

Damage from termites and other insects that use wood as a food source or home is more common in types of wood that lack a natural insect repellant. You shouldn’t pick this table if you don’t want to commit to regular upkeep.


Magnificent tables with exquisitely Interior designers In Kochi and decorated details are cast from metals like aluminium. As they are tough, they won’t dent easily and are simple to take care of. They are also inexpensive, costing less than most wood tables. Unfortunately, many metals corrode easily and quickly. Rusting and corrosion occur when metal undergoes an oxidation process brought on by exposure to moisture and oxygen. As a result, the tables may sustain lasting damage that compromises their aesthetic value.


Outdoor tables made of plastic, HDPE, or poly are all the rage. Benefits of this furniture choice include its low price, durability in many climates, and wide range of colour options. Poly outdoor tables are vulnerable to UV fading when left in the sun for extended periods. But some companies will construct the tables with a UV inhibitor for additional safety. The tables can withstand direct sunlight for extended periods without significant damage.

A good plastic outdoor table can withstand wetness from snow and rain. Stains from water are possible but easy to remove.

Key Takeaways

Finding the right patio set might be a hassle if you don’t know what to look for. Prioritising your goals and requirements will help you limit your options while shopping for patio furniture, so it’s a good idea to list everything you care about first.

If you know what you want from a patio set, it might be easier to shop for one. Don’t let the abundance of options on the market discourage you. You can begin spending time there when you have located the ideal patio furniture set for your outdoor living area.

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