How to choose the Right Online Trading Platform

Forex, commodity and index trading is making it big. With the advent of trading technology, everyone is jumping on board. Historically, such commodity and forex trading have been profitable yet exclusive. However, online platforms have made them more accessible. Over 43% of the global population has encountered trading at least once. Such statistics highlight the present economic trend of profits. Many intrigued people hesitate solely due to a lack of knowledge around trading platforms like MetaTrader Australia. Worry not and read this guide on Online trading platforms. It will cover how they function and the criteria you should follow while choosing the right trading platform.

What are Online Trading Platforms?

These computer-run online applications give users or traders a virtual space to make bids and transactions related to trade. Trades may involve forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

They provide users with trade information such as stock prices, commodity rates, and profits. In the past, one would deal with a traditional trade broker to understand the market. However, this trend is phasing out, and online trading platforms are replacing physical trade brokers.

How do Online Trading Platforms Work?

Online trading platforms display stocks, forex, commodity, or index prices and information. Users set up an account through an intermediary financial body, such as a bank account, and this account serves as the basis for all transactions. Different trading platforms might require varying additional documents to set up your profile. While they speed up the bureaucratic processes, they cannot bypass the same.

Once you look for a stock option, platforms help you browse for similar options. Moreover, they record transactions and give you information as well as statistics. This data includes generated profits and profit estimations to enhance user experience.

Essentially, platforms serve as your market and trade broker simultaneously. Additional features can also help users with data management and organisation, making it your mini-assistant.

How should you pick a trading platform?

Here is what you should look for while choosing a suitable trading platform.


Understand the intention of your trading before choosing a trading platform. One can broadly classify traders into two – Day or Commercial Traders and Options or Speculating Traders; it is crucial to know in which category your interests lie.

Day traders trade for commercial interests and complete the trade well within a day. In commodity trading, such users look for lower sale rates to acquire raw materials for refining purposes. On the other hand, options traders look for profit generation from price movements in the market. Many traders in Australia fall under the latter.

Look for real-time Level two trading platforms if day trading is your primary focus. For options traders, trading platforms should help hone or suit your trading strategies.

User Fees

Many trading platforms like MetaTrader Australia require users to pay a small fee for the technology. Online platforms offer more affordable stock options because there is no broker fee. In the long run, platform user fees are cheaper than traditional broker fees.

In addition, these platforms offer additional analytical services that a traditional broker would not.

Additional Analytical or Trading Features

Options traders look for platforms that assist them in visualising their trading strategy. A trading platform with up-to-date data analysis tools helps traders cut their losses and maximise profits.

Moreover, others with in-built CTRM technology and a Range Trading custom setting help users apply their strategies without moving to different software.

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