How should a shapewear fit and feel?

Shapewear and waist trainers aren’t your random undergarments. While most women know this, some are surprised to find out how tight their garments can feel. It is important to have the right expectation. In order to clear all doubts, here are some tips to find out how a compression garment should fit and feel:

Waist trainers

They are one of the most popular types of shapewear available in the market. All body types and body sizes can benefit from it as it instantly slims down the waistline and creates a perfect hourglass figure. But, if you have bought shapewear for the first time, then here are a few factors to consider.

Did you take the right measurements?

The most essential measurement when buying a waist trainer is your waist size. Your waist is two inches above your belly button. Make use of a fabric or vinyl tape to measure your waist. Don’t pull it too loose or too tight.

Read the size chart on the website correctly

Make sure you order the size which matches your waist measurement. It may sometimes not be the same number of the garments you wear. So, check the size chart online and match it to get an accurate size. If your size comes in between, choose the larger one.

Did you put it right?

Putting on a waist trainer can be a bit tricky. Hence, it is recommended to start with a hook-and-eye closure version. Start from the narrowest part of your waist and make your way up ahead.

Have you picked the right shapewear for you?

You may have ordered the right size, but it may not just be the ideal shapewear for your body type. If you are a tall, petite and voluminous woman, then choose a regular waist trainer with just two hook-and-eye closures or a waist trainer band. If you are small and curvier, then you can go for a waist trainer vest to get maximum bust support.

Keeping all these factors in mind, if you are wearing shapewear for the first time, then here’s what you can expect:


  • It should offer a perfect fit
  • You should feel compressed at the targeted areas

Not normal

  • If it makes breathing difficult for you, then you should take it off instantly.
  • Wearing a waist trainer may be a slightly trickier at times. Make sure you learn how to break into it.
  • If you don’t get an hourglass figure with shapewear bodysuits, then you should immediately take them off. It is not the right size for you.

Waist trainers and bodysuits may wear out after regular use. So, make sure you take proper care of it and rotate several pieces through your closet to enhance their life. If your shaper starts to feel loose or if it rolls over, then you should buy a new one. Make sure you take new measurements every time you buy new shapewear. A perfect fit shapewear will give you the figure you desire.

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