How much is a cannabis farmer’s annual income? Explains the differences between the Japanese and overseas cannabis industries

Cannabis is a plant that is the raw material for narcotics, which is regulated by law in Japan. In fact, cannabis is used not only as a medicine but also for various purposes.

Cannabis is regulated and cannot be used in Japan, but in fact there are farmers who grow cannabis legally in Japan. What is the purpose of raising these farmers? And how much can a cannabis farmer make?

In this article explaining the actual situation of Japanese cannabis farmers and the merits of cannabis cultivation will continue to do it.

If you read this article to the end, you will understand “what cannabis cultivation is like” and “what are its benefits”. It also includes a comparison of the cannabis industry in Japan and overseas, so please read it and visits the Exotics dispensary to get further details about it.

Only Industrial Cannabis Is Allowed To Grow In Japan

While the crackdown on cannabis is strict in Japan, Some farmers traditionally grow legally.. The cannabis grown here is called “industrial cannabis” and is characterized by the fact that it is cultivated for industrial use with low medicinal properties.

There are hemp farmers mainly in Tochigi prefecture and Hokkaido, and these cannabis farmers are certified by the country. However, it is difficult to actually obtain a license and cultivate it from the image of cannabis in Japan. Of course, it is illegal and severely punished to grow cannabis plants without permission.

Industrial cannabis is used for a variety of purposes

Industrial cannabis is used in all areas around us. For example, Also used for everyday items such as clothing, paper, and fertilizer It has been done. It is also applied in medicine and cosmetology, and is on the market as something that can be legally used.

Cannabis grass is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource because all of its parts can be used. It is said that industrial cannabis has more than 25,000 uses.

Cannabis has more uses than we think, and there are many household items that use cannabis. However, most of these products are made overseas, which was the first to be regulated.

A license is required to grow cannabis in Japan

A cannabis handling license is required to grow cannabis in Japan. Because it is regulated by the Cannabis Control Law, you will be arrested if you have cannabis without permission.

Cannabis handling licenses are distributed by each prefectural governor, and there are two types of licenses: a cultivation license for farmers who want to grow and a researcher license for the police to crack down on drugs. In addition, the license must be renewed once a year, and a fee of less than 7,000 yen is required every year.

In addition, there are restrictions on the cultivation environment, so it is necessary to create an environment for growing cannabis set by the government. Thus, in order to start the cannabis industry in Japan, where the development of cannabis is lagging, many regulatory barriers must be cleared.

Comparison of the current state of the cannabis industry in Japan and overseas

The current situation is that there is a big difference in the cannabis industry between Japan and overseas. Overseas, where the ban on cannabis is being lifted, the industry itself is growing and the market size is expanding year by year.

Let’s compare Japan, which is still highly regulated, with the overseas cannabis industry.

  • Japanese cannabis farmers are on the decline
  • Deregulation is progressing in the overseas cannabis industry

In contrast to the declining number of cannabis farmers in Japan, we can see that the cannabis industry is thriving overseas. With the relaxation of regulations overseas, it will grow as a larger industry.

Japanese Cannabis Farmers Are On The Decline

Currently, there are about 35 cannabis growers in Japan. It is said that the number of cannabis farmers is declining. Due to the strictness of domestic laws and the lack of information, the market size has been shrinking in recent years.

Even in Tochigi Prefecture, which is famous for cannabis production, we do not provide seeds for cultivation, so it is difficult to expand the scale. In addition, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to prepare a cultivation environment based on regulations and obtain a license, so the number of new farmers is not increasing.

Deregulation is progressing in the overseas cannabis industry

The current situation is that regulations on the cannabis industry are strict in Japan, Deregulation is progressing overseas.

The bad impression of cannabis has been dispelled, and it has come to be regarded as an organic agricultural product, and the market size is expanding. Overseas, companies related to cannabis have established organizations across national borders for research and development.

There is less prejudice about cannabis, and it is becoming understood that it is an environmentally friendly and convenient resource. Especially in Europe and Canada, the cannabis industry has become more active in recent years.

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