How Do You Know You Need Pelvic Physiotherapy?

The principles of physiotherapy can be used to help improve the strength and functionality of various organs in your body. The pelvic floor is one of those organs. When your pelvic floor weakens you may realize that you have trouble controlling your urinary tract and thus get into awkward situations.

When you attend a physiotherapy session the professional therapist accesses your pelvic muscles and manipulates them to improve their strength and overall functionality. So how do you know you need pelvic floor physiotherapy? How does it work, and what will you get from the physiotherapy session? Read on to find out!

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Who Needs Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and How Does It Work?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is recommended for both men and women when they experience weakened pelvic floor and inability to control urinary and bowel movements. Like other physiotherapy treatments, pelvic floor physiotherapy involves exercises that will help you strengthen your pelvic floor.

When you attend a physiotherapy session, the first thing the therapist does is try and understand your problem’s history. Therefore during the consultation stage they will ask you questions such as medical and surgical history and sexual and obstetric history.

They will also ask you to stand, walk, stand or sit so that they can evaluate you and understand how severe your issue is.

The information they gather will help them create a treatment plan that suits your needs and focus on the techniques that will be more efficient.

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Techniques Used In Pelvic Physiotherapy Session

It is vital to understand that physiotherapy does not always have to be a stand alone treatment plan. Thus once your therapist assesses your condition they will recommend whether you need help from other healthcare providers or only physical therapy.

Here are the techniques physiotherapists use:


The therapist teaches patients about the anatomy of the pelvic floor. They also help patients understand how their lifestyle and hygiene habits affect their symptoms and thus what they can avoid for faster improvement.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Exercises are a very vital aspect of physiotherapy. However, with the pelvic floor, the exercises vary depending on the needs of the patient.  There are exercises that aim at stretching tight muscles while others are for strengthening weak pelvic floor muscles.

Manual Therapy

As the name suggests, the physiotherapists use hands-on treatment so you can get a sports massage in Singapore or any other type of massage to relax your pelvic muscles. Additionally, the physiotherapy expert also uses stretching techniques to improve blood circulation and posture.

Vaginal Dilators

Apart from affecting bladder and bowel control, pelvic muscles also affect sex life. Physiotherapists insert plastic tube-shaped devices into the vaginal to help with relaxation so it can make penetration easier. This rehabilitation technique is beneficial to women who have given birth or gone through gynecological cancer treatment.


Pelvic floor issues are very common among both men and women, and thus do not feel shy to seek the professional help you need in your recovery journey. Additionally, ensure that you are honest with your therapist so that they can understand your condition better. That way, they will create a treatment plan suitable for your condition, and you will see results within no time.

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