How can standing desks be beneficial for you?

Working in a corporate sector means you will spend 25-30% of your life slumped over your desk leading a sedentary lifestyle. You may not realise it immediately but sitting for a prolonged period in a day will speak on your health. Yes, you read it right! Sitting for 8 hours a day not only leads to various health problems like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, but it also takes years of your life. Fortunately, standing desks are here to help you beat your inactivity and improve your posture while allowing you to do your work efficiently. Continue reading and find out why these desks are gaining immense popularity these days.

Benefits of using standing desks for a desk job

Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks or stand-up desks, are the office desks that allow you to stand and do your work comfortably. Not so surprisingly, these desks are all the rage these days. Today there are many modern versions of these desks available in the market. They come with adjustable features allowing you to change the height of your desk and switch between sitting and standing conveniently.

Further, here are the five benefits of using sit-stand desks. Read on!

Lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity

Weight gain is caused if your calorie intake is more than your calorie burn in a given day. So what could be better if you could burn calories while working and reduce your risk of weight gain. There is no denying that while standing, you burn more calories than while sitting. Science says that you can burn 100-200 calories per hour merely by standing, which is a significant number compared to calories burnt while sitting, which is approximately 60-120 calories only.

Keeps you active

Sedentary time has always been associated with inactivity. Therefore, having a desk that encourages you to spend more time on your feet stands to reason that it would keep you active and energetic. Moreover, when your body is in an active mode, the blood and oxygen flow to the brain increases, increasing your concentration and relieving you from anxiety.

Improves your posture

Standing improves your posture if done correctly. There is no point in using a stand-up desk if you are slouching while working. To stand perfectly means you have to stand straight with tailbone tucked in, shoulders pushed back, and head held high. Stand-up desks allow you to adjust the height accordingly and raise your computer high enough to work comfortably and hence give you all the convenience to maintain your posture.

Reduces the back pain

Back and neck pain is the most common problem among people crouched in desk jobs. The human body is not designed to sit for long periods; instead, it is made to move. Therefore, breaking up your everyday routine and incorporating intermittent standing can significantly reduce the risk of back pain. In a study conducted on a large group of office workers, it was found that participants who spent an average of 60 minutes of their working hours experienced a 54% reduction in back pain and neck pain.

Boosts your productivity

One common question that often swirls in the head of the people looking for standing desks is, will they be able to work efficiently and perform their daily tasks such as typing, answering calls, etc. It takes time for one to get used to working while standing, but you will see a drastic improvement in your work once you have made it a habit. The boost in energy and mood and reduction in back or neck pain will improve your productivity.

Hopefully, the benefits mentioned above have convinced you to shift your desk job to a stand-up desk. If yes, check out the latest design office desks at one of the most recommended online stores and take your pick!

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