Health benefits of blue light blocking glasses?

We’ve all found ourselves working for endless hours on our computer and laptops. And the eye pain and headache that follows are extremely unpleasant to deal with.

If you also wonder why your eyes hurt after spending a good amount of time staring at digital screens, there is a short two word answer for it – Blue Light.

It not only takes a toll on your eyes but also your physical health by triggering the symptoms of digital eye strain. Nowadays, more and more people have started to become concerned about the effect of blue light on their health. This is why they are going for a pair of blue light blocking glasses while indulging in computer work.

These glasses filter out the short wave blue light and give maximum comfort to our eyes. But, besides getting relief from digital eye strain, blue light glasses have other health benefits that you possibly don’t know of. 

What are blue light glasses?

These glasses are specifically made to filter out the blue light and have a special coating on their lens surface. Since blue light has short wavelengths, it is also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light that has the most catastrophic effects on our eyes.

Long term exposure to this light will decline your retinal health which will result in the reduced focal ability of your eyes. But, when you wear blue light glasses, this light gets blocked by the filtering lens material preventing your eyes from the potential damage. 

Should you worry about blue light exposure?

The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. You don’t need to worry about this light if you are getting it from the natural sunlight. Rather, it has many health benefits such as boosting alertness and improving our cognitive functions.

However, if the source of this light is artificial such as your digital screens, it will only put a strain on your eyes. Your eye muscles will wear out by continuously changing their focus and you will feel eye pain and fatigue after some time. 

Buying new glasses can be a tricky thing, even more so when you are buying them for the first time. Make sure you buy glasses that give 100% protection against the blue light and have fashionable frames so you look super stylish while working in your home or office.

Who needs blue light glasses?

If you find yourself in front of a digital screen most of the time, these glasses are for you. They will eliminate the possibility of digital eye strain making sure that you don’t have to deal with visual fatigue when you are at work.

Those who are a full-time gamer, the glare and blue light from your screens can get in the way of your performance. You need gaming glasses that have a blue light coating to protect you from the eye strain. You can get affordable gaming glasses in the UK if you choose to purchase online.  

What are the health benefits of blue light glasses?

Apart from curbing digital eye strain and protecting your eye health, blue light glasses work efficiently towards improving your sleep/wake cycle. 

Our brain takes hints from the outside lighting levels to signal our body to either fall asleep or stay alert. When you expose your peepers to the bright light of a smartphone or laptop during the late hours, your brain perceives the screen light as sunlight and signals your body to be more alert. This is why people who have a habit of using a smartphone long past the bed time often find themselves unable to sleep at all.

But, when you use blue light glasses, you can safely use your devices at night and it won’t ruin your sleep/wake cycle. It will filter out the screen light and help you sleep better.

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So apart from bringing relief from the vicious symptoms of digital eye strain, blue light glasses will work equally to improve your sleeping patterns so you feel energised the next morning. 

If you are thinking where to buy these glasses from, you will find thousands of options online. You won’t only get access to the amusing frame styles but you will also get your glasses at unbeatable prices. You may also buy the cheapest prescription glasses online and add blue light filtering material on their lenses. 

Do not underestimate the effects of blue light on your health. No matter if you buy prescription glasses or not, your eyes and health can benefit from a pair of blue light glasses. 

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