Guide on purchasing a good quality sugarcane juice extractor

Today, a lot of companies produce machines used for extracting sugarcane juice, therefore, picking the right machine for a given job is never easy for a person starting the sugarcane juice business. This article guides one on choosing a machine suitable for the right kind of work.

Because of increased level of industrialization, the demand for machines has increased vastly. This article focuses on different types of sugarcane juice machine. Below are some considerations before purchasing one.

Model FM-800 Mini Machine

This is a 38kg machine which comes with compact design making it suitable for domestic use or picnics since it is easy to navigate. It’s also easy to clean after being used due to its small size. It produces power of 800W and holds a capacity of 2 cups/min. If one is looking for one to benefit the family or for small scall purposes, FM-800 Mini machine will be the best choice.

Model PT-866 Mini Machine

This model weighs about 42kgs and has a compact structure. It produces motor power of 500W and also performs with less noise hence reducing noise pollution and cost effective. It’s able to separate the dregs and sugarcane juice automatically hence getting the juice at a faster rate and clean. Due to its small compact design, it’s often used in cafe shops or even for domestic use.

Model PT40-3S Juice machine

This is a machine which contains 3 strong rollers, with motor power of 500W. It is made up of stainless steel and weighs 60kg. This sugarcane juicer is mostly used for pressing sugarcane, fresh melons, ginger and other fresh fruits and vegetables. The machine can be used in supermarkets, cold drink shops, hotels fruit shops e.t.c

Doel PT40-3S Sugarcane juicer

This sugarcane juice machine is a New Zealand based product made up of stainless steel to ensure healthiness. It has a motor power ranging from 750-1500W. It also contains 3 rollers suitable for automatic separation of the juice and dregs. Often used in supermarkets or coffee shops.

Model PT40-4S Sugarcane juicer

This machine contains 4 rollers and is made with stainless steel. The structure was designed as a closed one to prevent juice from spilling out. To reduce noise pollution, it is equipped with speed reducer gearbox and an anti-shake device. It has a motor power of 500W and is mostly used in coffee shops, fruit shops or even karaoke.

Model PT40-4D Sugarcane juice machine

With it’s long, strong 4 rollers it’s mostly suitable for usage in occasions like fairs, schools and malls. It has a higher juicing rate which is 10% more effective than the regular juicer. It also comes with automatic sugarcane feeding. Has good efficiency since the sugarcane won’t break off often and easy collection of the sugarcane residue. It has a motor power ranging from 750-1500W.

Model TP-1500 Pro sugarcane extractor max machine

This is a long, strong 3 rollers machine with motor power of 1500W. It’s one of the largest juicer, mostly used near schools, fairs or even trade centres. It comes with a filter and tray which is built from 304SS.


With the various considerations stated above one will have a point of reference when purchasing a sugarcane juice extractor.

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