Financial service provider under the supervision of the bank

1. Financial institutions

Refers to an institution that provides financial services such as deposit-withdrawals, customers are allowed to accept credit payments and other financial transactions in individuals, companies, shops, or government agencies operated by financial institutions under the Financial Institutions Business Act B.E. 2015 is divided into three parts:

2. Commercial banks

Money is a public limited company licensed to do deposit business, which must be paid on demand or at maturity, providing credit, buying and selling exchange bills. Forex trading includes:

Insurance and securities business

Financial derivatives business

Electronic corporate banking software as a service Business (E-Banking)

Financial industry.

Service Other service business

Commercial banks can be divided into four types:

1.1.1 Siam Commercial Bank

1.1.2 For retail banking companies, this means that commercial banks are allowed to operate. Its primary purpose is to provide the necessary financial services such as deposits, transfers, and receipts to a small population. And small and medium enterprises but are not allowed to engage in complex and high-risk businesses such as foreign exchange and derivatives.

1.1.3 A commercial bank which is a subsidiary (subsidiary) of a foreign commercial bank, means a public limited company registered in Thailand and licensed to conduct retail banking business. No less than 955% of the total shares issued by foreign commercial banks.

1.1.4 Foreign Commercial Bank Branch (Foreign Bank Branch / Full Branch) means a foreign commercial bank licensed to conduct retail banking business in Thailand.

1.2 Finance companies

Refers to a company licensed to conduct financial business. Those who accept deposits or borrow money from those who repay it on demand or at the end of a specified period can lend money according to the type of business allowed, such as medium and long-term funding. Agricultural or commercial activities purchase rent but cannot do business related to foreign exchange.

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1.3 Player Credit Company

This means that a company licensed to run a fancy credit business can accept deposits or receive money from those who will repay them at the end of a specified period, for example, at least one year. And must deposit at least one thousand baht which can be borrowed by real estate mortgage.

Representative Office of Foreign Commercial Bank

An office of a foreign commercial bank in which BOT has the power to act on behalf of a foreign commercial bank can only be done through communication, coordination, and recommendation with customers. And it collects information such as information about the client’s financial status and financial and financial status. Only send to head office or another bank office.

Asset Management Company (AMC)

I.e., a company 2541 (1998) registered with the Bank of Thailand by the emergency decree of asset management company B.E to manage non-performing assets. Financial institutions buy or accept transfers of non-performing assets of open or closed financial institutions. Investments Restructuring Includes collateral for investments that do not generate income for management purposes such as rehabilitating or selling and transferring.

Specialized Financial Institutions (Specialized Financial Institutions: SFI)

Refers to a public financial institution established under a specific law to implement government policies related to economic banking and financial services app development and investment assistance. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, which has tasked the Bank of Thailand with monitoring results and risk monitoring and reporting of operating results. Check with the finance minister. You can find out the best finance companies in singapore

Non-Financial Service Providers (Non-Banks)

UnderBOTunderBOT5.png means a Low code ISV Banking and financial services provider that is not a financial institution. Most of them are limited companies registered with the Ministry of Commerce, namely:

Credit card issuer

Supervised personalized service provider

Small Business Service Provider (Nano Finance)

Electronic Payment Service Provider (E-Payment)

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