Filing a Car Accident Claim in Houston Within the Statute of Limitations

If a car accident has left you with injuries, you must keep an eye on even the smallest of details. Whether seeking medical care and treatment or gathering important evidence, the specifics can significantly affect your accident claim. 

A detail you must pay attention to is the deadline for filing a claim or the statute of limitations. Although every victim has the right to seek compensation, there are time limits to observe. In the state of Texas, you should be able to file a claim within two years, starting from the date the accident or injury occurred. Otherwise, you will lose your right to compensation. A skilled Houston car accident attorney can help you understand these limitations and assist you with filing a claim on time if you suffered an injury because of another person’s negligence. 

Understanding a Statute of Limitations

This law governs how long you can file a civil action in court. As a car accident victim, you must be aware of the state’s statute of limitations to preserve your rights. Since the clock begins to tick on the date the crash took place, you must prepare a claim for filing as soon as possible. When you file a claim after the deadline expires, your case may be dismissed. But, some exceptions can impact how long these limitations last. For instance, if the victim is a minor, the limitations only start to run when the victim turns 18. Also, the statute of limitations can be extended when the defendant leaves Texas before the victim can start legal proceedings. It is better option for you to know about the international drivers license.

Should You Settle with an Insurer First?

You must not settle with an insurer before you can speak with a lawyer. Every insurance company wants to protect its profits. Thus, low settlement offers, denials, and delays are tactics a company will use to pay you as little amount of money as possible. Consulting a lawyer will help you determine if an insurer’s offer is fair enough or if you must file a claim before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

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Although two years seems like a long time, time will pass quickly. By working with an attorney to guide you through the legal process, you improve your chances of getting a positive legal outcome. When you get in touch with a lawyer quickly after you get hurt in a car crash, you can preserve the evidence necessary to pursue legal action against the party who caused the accident.

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