Factors to consider when buying a hydraulic press machine

A hydraulic press is a mechanical device which is mostly based on the Pascal’s principle which states that pressure applied to an incompressible fluid inside an enclosed system always remains constant. The machine is commonly used in moulding, forging, blanking, clinching, deep drawing, punching and metal forming processes.

This article focuses on how to choose the right hydraulic press machine.

Hydraulic presses perform their task well and has made work easier all over the world, but choosing the right one for a specific job is very critical. Here are a few things to consider:

Tonnage. This is the punching force provided by the machine. When purchasing the hydraulic press, you may have to consider the maximum tonnage under which the given job will require. The required punching force varies on three factors which are: material thickness, perimeter of the punch and shear strength of the given material.

Machine action. Before choosing out the right machine you need to consider the exact role which a hydraulic press will share in promoting your shop or business. This will guide you in seeking the right model, size and even type needed

Press selection type. There are various types of hydraulic presses but the two main types used in the metal industry are the H-Frame press and the C-Frame press. The C-Frame press is a small,space-efficient press. Due to its small size it sacrifices the work space and power used. The H-Frame press on the other hand is much larger and even more powerful than the C-Frame press. It’s mostly suitable for businesses that requires powerful press that can perform all functions.

Accessories and toolings. Most hydraulic presses especially modern ones come equipped with many features which differ from one machine to another. Picking a more standard machine may help save you or your industry, however it may be more expensive than the normal hydraulic presses.

Quality. When choosing the right device the quality is very important because good quality serves for a longer period. Good quality also prevents the replacement time and is cost effective. The quality of it’s components is directly involved in the performance of the workpiece.

Price. One of the key factors when purchasing a product is capital. Right now the hydraulic press machine price in Kenya ranges from fifty thousand shillings to seventy thousand shillings. Knowing the amount of money required is amongst the most prioritized considerations because it’s the final determinant.

Flexibility of installation. One needs to have a fair understanding of the final dimensions of the product to be created. This enables you to choose the  worktable dimensions and the height of the press opening correctly.

Configuration. The configuration of the workpiece is much more different from that of the accessories. With requirements of various products, institutions and enterprises, the configuration is divided into three parts; high, medium and low configuration. Hence when purchasing a hydraulic press we must understand the configuration given and also be very clear about the scheme of the equipment.


Hydraulic presses have proved to be of so much help but making the right considerations before purchasing the item isn’t easy. This article guides on how to choose the perfect hydraulic press therefore can be of great reference.

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