Everything About Canvas Stretching

Organising a canvas masterpiece for accentuating a brilliant piece of art is a must for any art connoisseur. And the best way to do this is by stretching the images and photographs over a canvas stretcher frame. When you opt for a canvas stretching service, you can preserve your artwork in your unique way. With the choice of the right frame, texture, and size, you can stretch your canvas and accentuate the overall appeal of your art. However, stretching may not be as straightforward as it seems, as many factors come into play. So, you must know everything before you consider stretching your canvas and below is the detailed description.

How will you choose the stretcher bar?

Stretcher Bars are available in different sizes depending on your canvas size. The strength of a stretch bar is crucial to ensure that it can hold the canvas’s tension when it gets stretched. With a correct choice of the bar, you may not need any brace bars sitting at the top and bottom of the frame.

Also, you may require a deeper stretcher if you want the image to wrap around the sides and achieve the desired look. However, it is best to not go for stretcher bars that are too thin, which may ruin the image’s appeal.

How much spare canvas will you need?

When you opt for canvas stretching, ensure you have 50mm of spare canvas from your painting’s edge to the canvas’s edge. The spare canvas will offer enough room for stretching the canvas around the stretcher bar and stapling it to the back. However, in many instances, the spare canvas is about 30mm, which could also be adequate based on the canvas size and stretcher bar.

If your painting does not have a spare canvas, then a part of the painting is used to wrap the canvas. It can work well with images with a lot of space around that lends a stunning effect once the stretching is finished.

What types of artworks can you stretch?

You can get different types of canvas artwork stretched like printed pieces, acrylic paintings, and canvas artworks of indigenous artworks. The largest canvas you can stretch is around 2.8m, as the stretcher bars have a maximum length of about 3 metres.

Can canvas stretching be expensive?

Canvas stretching can be more cost-effective than framing artwork or printing on paper. The costs are mainly associated with stretcher bars and canvas frames. You may find many cheap options to stretch your canvas; however, such service providers may use low-quality and wrong-sized stretcher bars that might affect the overall appeal of your artwork.

How will you choose the right canvas frame?

The stretched canvas frame that you choose must compliment your artwork. So, you should first consider the size of the stretcher bar. When the canvas depth exceeds an L frame, the canvas will appear odd from the front. Hence, when the depth of the L frame and the canvas are even, it will lend a clean and flat look. Canvas frames are also available in different colours, styles and materials, so you can choose the one that best compliments your art piece.

Getting the desired look for your cherished artwork or photograph requires careful consideration of the canvas frame. With the choice of the right framers, you can have a lot of input in the stretching process and achieve the look you want. When a canvas is stretched using the right tools and techniques, it will not lose shape or degrade over time. So, ensure you get your job done by reliable and expert professionals.

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