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In the modern era of evolving technology, the IT industry is booming with job opportunities for tech specialists, programmers, business analysts, and cybersecurity experts. Thousands of potential candidates apply for jobs each year, making the recruitment process highly complex to select the right candidate.

IT recruitment is a specialised career that involves selective prowess to search for the right talent, arrange interviews, explore the employability of the applicants, and recruit the best candidate for the job profile. Most IT companies try to avoid the hassle of employing an IT recruiter and conducting an elaborate recruitment process. At Needus, IT firms and job seekers experience a new-age approach to IT recruitment that ensures the selection of the right talent for the right position.

Why Needus?

Needus is an IT recruitment consultancy that offers all-around support to recruiters to select the right candidate for their job roles. With over 10 years of cutting-edge services, Needus has become a credible name in the field of consultancy. Not only does it provide 100% service satisfaction to the big names in the IT industry, but it also caters to the requirements of qualified and expert job seekers by simplifying their hiring process.

Needus knows exactly what’s needed to be a good IT employee. It does not skim over resumes and search for keywords. It looks beyond the professional profile of the candidate to explore his employability. It is best known for its experience and an eye for gems that have constantly put broad smiles on the faces of its clients. Needus establishes a good relationship with its clients by understanding their needs, providing them with continued hassle-free services, and committing to their requirements, thus enabling IT companies to enjoy an effortless hiring process.

What Makes Needus Stand Out?

Needus is a reliable name because of its expertise, approachability, dedication, and commitment. It conducts the talent hunt strategically to mine the best employee for your company. While Needus executes recruitment by considering the talent, skill, expertise, and experience of a candidate, it also ensures the utmost commitment of the employee for the growth and expansion of the company. It not only restricts its services to hiring candidates but also extends its partnership to ensure its retention and dedication to the organisation. Needus has served some big names in the IT industry, including Google, Cisco, AWS, Java, AngularJS, Docker, Kafka, etc.

What Do the Customers Say?

Needus creates smiles and satisfaction. Its services extend beyond professionalism to build a personal relationship with job seekers and job givers. The customers at Needus are 100% satisfied, considering its services recurrently.

“Needus provided a very reliable service, always a step ahead of what we needed. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They not only skim through the specifications but also spend considerable time and effort while going through the steps of the recruitment process,” says Richard Gonzalez, Director of Sensor IT. With numerous positive customer reviews, Needus boasts of its highly streamlined services and continues to enhance its professional values in the field of IT recruitment.


Needus makes it 10x easier for IT firms to find their manpower. It keeps satisfying the requirements of employers as well as thousands of candidates by filling job vacancies. Being a trustworthy name in the consultancy arena, Needus never gets tired of serving its clients.

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