Economic benefits of cardboard

Cardboard is a material made up of several superimposed layers of paper based on virgin fiber or recycled paper; It is characterized by being harder and more resistant than paper, therefore, some types are used to form cardboard boxes and packaging for different purposes, including advertising.

The versatility that characterizes this material allows companies to use it each time, since it benefits them because of how economically it is to acquire it, how friendly it is with the environment and ease of use; For this reason, this time we will talk about the economic benefits that cardboard has for brands that wish to position themselves in the market and reduce production costs.

A useful material

Starting with its fame, cardboard is a great ally when it comes to protecting the integrity of a product; It is characterized by being a material to manufacture products for packaging such as double wall cardboard boxes of different sizes and shapes; It is also used for displays, furniture, toys, marketing, among others, which leads us to ask: what are the economic advantages offered by working with this material?


It is a relatively cheap material to manufacture and its use has spread all over the planet; This process begins from the obtaining of the raw material, with the pine, a tree that has the ideal characteristics; although many companies are committed to reusing cardboard, improving their image in the market.

Reduce waste

In terms of recycling, cardboard helps reduce the dumping of waste in cardboard landfills, helping to clean up the environment. With technological advancement, production processes have been implemented in which cardboard is made from almost 100% recycled materials, which is simple, since the materials it is made from are biodegradable, therefore reducing the impact.

Save energy

As cardboard is recycled, the greater the percentage of energy saved during production; In this sense, the costs of transport and recycling production are also reduced, while it stands out in the delivery of materials with greater structural resistance for the packaging or protection of goods. As a result, recycling cardboard saves energy and materials needed to make a new one and also reduces environmental pollution.

Cardboard and marketing

The versatility of this material has attracted the attention of marketing, due to its low production cost and its ability to improve sales. In terms of design and ease of use, it offers more options than materials such as plastic, since cardboard can be printed on both sides, it has more space to add elements that increase the value of the end-user experience. In short, it is ideal to generate a visual impact on the public.

Finally, cardboard boxes are the beginning of a broad panorama that cardboard offers, the economic benefits revolve around the fact that it is friendly to the environment, reducing transport and shipping costs; it also eliminates all the hidden or non-quantifiable costs of reusable systems, finally, it guarantees optimum print quality, which benefits marketing campaigns at a reasonable cost.

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