Do You Know the Health Benefits of Gold Mangalsutra?

In today’s era, where different types of gold jewellery designs are in fashion, there is a holy band that is essential for every Indian woman to wear as a symbol of their successful and happy married life and that band is known as the Mangal sutra. The band symbolizes a beautiful bond between husband and wife that a woman wears till her husband is alive. The designs may vary in different cultures of India but their divine importance is unaltered.

The two words “mangal meaning auspicious” and “sutra meaning thread” are combined to make “Mangalsutra”. Hence, the mangalsutra means an auspicious thread that is worn to unite the souls. This auspicious thread is gifted to the bride from the groom’s family and the groom ties this around his bride’s neck while the brahmin recites mantra during the marriage. The mangalsutra is made of two strings made of black beads and a pendant. The design of the pendant varies from one tradition to another.

Various types of gold mangalsutra are available in the market and it has various health benefits which are less known to the people. People wear it to follow the traditions but they are not aware of the fact that a gold mangalsutra has so many health benefits as well.

It is also believed that the black beads added to the mangalsutra are meant for saving husband and wife from evil eyes. While many people connect wearing mangalsutra as a religious tradition, there are some scientific justifications as well. In Hindu culture, it is essential to wear a gold mangalsutra after marriage and it should not be flaunted in front of others rather it should be hidden inside.

Let us check out some health benefits of wearing a mangalsutra in your daily routine.

According to ancient Indian science, pure gold has various health benefits and healing properties. It is always said that a mangalsutra should be long enough so that it can be close to your heart touching the skin. This is because according to Ayurveda, a gold mangalsutra attracts cosmic waves from nearby and helps in functioning the heart in a better way.

  • It is also considered that the waves attracted by the mangal sutra help maintain a good immune system of the person wearing it.
  • It also maintains a blood flow in the body due to which the woman always feels fresh and energetic. A woman has to keep on working the whole day and she needs to keep herself happy and healthy so that she can keep her family the same.
  • Wearing gold in daily routine helps in regularizing the blood pressure in the body.

A mangal sutra is available in various designs and sizes depending upon your requirement. It is mostly gifted from the groom’s side to the bride and many of them are not given many choices. But if a woman is lucky and the choice of mangalsutra is given to her, she must select it wisely as it is to be worn in daily routine.

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