Do You Get the Same Bonuses on Mobile and Desktop Slots? 

In the past few years, mobile slot games have actually overtaken their desktop or laptop counterparts in terms of popularity. As little as under 10 years ago, not many people played mobile slots, and anyone who play slot games online at all was likely to be playing them on a desktop computer or a laptop instead.

Why are Mobile Slots More Popular than Desktop Slots? 

Ten years ago, more people had desktop computers or laptops than they did mobil devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. Now, it is completely the other way round. Studies show that almost everyone has either a mobile phone or a tablet, and a lot of people have multiple mobile devices and no desktop computer or laptop at all. 

Why is this the case? Mostly, it’s because mobile devices are just a whole lot better than they used to be. The graphics and the processing power, as well as the inter connections from either WiFi or 4G (or even 5G these days) means that you are not missing out in any other way than having a smaller screen with a mobile phone, although some phones these days are enormous. 

This carries down to online casino as well, as because most people have mobile devices, most people are therefore playing online slots on their mobile devices. Plus, most people tend to be on the go a lot more than they used to be, which means that they have less time to spend at home playing slots on desktop computers or laptop devices. 

Are Bonuses the Same on Mobile and Desktop Slots? 

Nowadays, the difference in quality between mobile slots and desktop slots is absolutely minimal. In our research, we could find absolutely no evidence that the bonuses in mobile slots and desktop slots are different. 

In our conclusion, we can say with a degree of confidence that the bonuses in mobile slots and desktop slots are exactly the same. There is no reason why casino sites would have any discrepancies to this, so if you are a mobile or a desktop slots player, feel free to crack on as you were without any concerns that you are missing out on any bonuses, whether it be bonuses from the casino sites or the slots themselves. 

Please do feel free to let us know in the comments if you have noticed any differences yourselves though, we are always interested to learn more! 

One thing that is worth noting is that with mobile slots, it is much easier to pay for your deposit using your phone bill. If you’re into this method of deposit, we recommend sticking with mobile slots for the simplicity of it. It is still possible to pay for your deposit with your mobile phone while playing the slots on a desktop computer, but it is a little more long-winded to be able to carry out this procedure.

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