Different live roulette variants at Casinos

Casino gambling in the 21st century is many many moons away from what it was like in the early days. Indeed, back at the start of the casino journey there weren’t nearly as many different game options to consider, and there were also dramatically less places to actually go and gamble. In fact, for quite a long time the Casino di Venezia was the world’s only genuine casino establishment, so there’s no wonder that it took the industry a while to flower. 

These days casinos are all over the place, with the online casino explosion being of particular importance. Roulette has always been one of the most famous and popular casino games, however in recent years it has received a huge popularity boost, and it’s all down to the world of live roulette gambling. Did you know there are several different live or online roulette variants at casinos these days? Read on to find out more! 

The exciting story behind roulette 

Out of all the many different types of gambling games that us humans have amused ourselves with over the years, there’s nothing quite like roulette. You see, before roulette entered the fray during the 19th century there weren’t any mechanical gambling games to be found in casinos, so you can imagine the excitement generated when the spinning roulette wheel first came to the forefront. 

Roulette was actually created off the back of Blaise Pascal’s attempts to make a perpetual motion machine, an invention that allowed the roulette wheel to spin for the first time. It had a dramatic effect on the gambling world in the 1800s, with its extreme level of popularity almost singlehandedly ushering in the age of super casinos across 19th century Europe.

What is live roulette? 

Oh yes, roulette is pretty damn exciting, as it’s history proves! But here’s the thing: not so long ago online casino developers took things up a notch, bringing live roulette to the masses. And what is live roulette? Well, it is basically the same as normal roulette, however instead of playing it in an actual casino, the action is instead live streamed direct to your computer screen. 

In many ways, therefore, live roulette is like an online version of roulette, however it is far superior to the basic online roulette games that were unveiled before.

Why live roulette is more exciting

But why is live roulette more exciting? As always we are on hand to help with this question, keep reading for a few reasons: 

  • Realism: Online roulette games before live roulette unfortunately weren’t very realistic, as developers had great trouble designing a truly smooth digital roulette wheel.
  • Prizes: Live roulette jackpot prizes are also often a lot larger than normal online roulette, hence its increased popularity.

Some different live roulette variants at casinos

So, by now you’re probably itching for some different live roulette variants at casinos, and who are we not to supply you with some? Read on for our favourites:

  • Live Speed Roulette
  • Live American Roulette 

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