Different CrossFit Workouts To Try

Despite being a gruesome workout regimen, CrossFit has gained a lot of popularity due to its uniqueness and the camaraderie it builds. However, if you feel that you get a better workout when grinding alone, it has covered that too.

CrossFit workouts offer a variety of movements at high intensity that you can try with your dumbbells and kettlebells or on the assault air bikes. The best part is that you will easily find the facilities at your local gym since Australia alone has 588 CrossFit affiliates.

The question is, what are the different CrossFit workouts you can try to get the most out of your sessions?


The classic chest-to-floor burpees are a great CrossFit workout and will leave you panting on the floor as you feel the burn. It starts with standing straight and then dropping your hands to the floor. From there, you spot jump back on your feed and land into the press-up stance. Now you need to press down on the floor and do a regular push up. Squeeze your feet towards your hands, keeping the core tight, and then jump back up. Do this 15-20 times for a single rep and try to do 4 reps of each.


There are many variations of CrossFit squat, and you can perform them using weights or just your bodyweight. The primary form is to keep your chest up and core tight as you try to sit, putting pressure on your thigh muscles. This exercise is a complete calorie burner but also trains your leg muscles and strengthens your core.

Jump Squats

This power-packed HIIT version of the regular squat puts an extreme load on your glutes and leg muscles along with your abdominal muscles. If you want to tone your butt and legs while getting more strength and balance in your body, this is helpful.

Back Squats

Unlike the jump squat, the back squat needs to be done with additional weights. This exercise is excellent for putting progressing overload on your muscles to make gains on your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It also greatly engages your cores. Just make sure to focus more on form than on the reps while performing to avoid injury.

Barbell Front Squats

Compound movements are at the heart of CrossFit, and the barbell front squat is a great way to optimise that. This particular exercise can improve your lower body strength significantly. It is also known as a front squat or a barbell squat.

Overhead Squats

Another form of weighted squats, the overhead squat, helps activate the upper body muscles, like deltoids and triceps, along with the lower body muscles. You will notice a significant improvement in your overall strength when you perform this exercise regularly.

Poke the Bear

CrossFit makes use of the assault air bikes like no other workout. There is a concept of AMRAP or “as many rounds as possible” in CrossFit. It allows you to perform a combination of specific exercises as many times as possible within a short period. “Poke the Bear” utilises this theory by combining burpees, weights, and assault bike movements into one effective workout.


By including CrossFit into your daily workouts, you can reach your fitness goals faster. It doesn’t need to be some complex workout that you never even heard of. You can do these exercises using your body weight or even an easy-to-use machine like the assault air bikes.

CrossFit is the answer: whether you want to lose weight faster, become more agile, or just want to get ridiculously strong.

So, pick your favourite and start grinding today.

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