Detail Guide About Mobox Listing Carnival From The House Of KuCoin

On a KuCoin site, there is a list of 700+ Altcoins. Due to that, KuCoin was also declared one of the biggest Altcoin exchanges. KuCoin always welcomes the new coins on their website after properly validating them. Similarly, KuCoin also plays a major role in the success of Metaverse, and you will find a lot of projects related to it on a KuCoin site. Today we discussed a detailed guide about MOBOX listing carnival from the house of KuCoin. KuCoin always welcomes such Metaverse projects on their site.


MOBOX is a gaming platform and also supports a metaverse. To create GameFi metaverse, MOBOX combines Defi farming and gaming NFT. In this result, MOMOverse was obtained. Now, if you create content, play games, and enroll in several other activities, MOMOverse gives you a different reward in return for engagement. MOBOX also launched 4 NFTS games on their platform, and some of them consider mini-games with lots of fun. MOBOX provides a platform to create your own NFTs and buys or sells the existing NFTs collection. Similarly, the decentralized platform for the developers to develop games on them.

MOBOX Listing Carnival On KuCoin Platform

To celebrate the listing of MOBOX on the KuCoin platform, MOBOX offers a prize pool of 80000 MBOX to qualified KuCoin users. Different activities were conducted during this carnival, and prizes were distributed according to these activities. Let us discuss all those activities in detail.

Activity 1

In this activity, users should learn about the MOBOX and then attempt a quiz. All qualified users enjoyed 15000 MBOX from the prize pool. These users were divided into three pools. The first pool of 500 qualified people enjoys 10 MBOX each. The remaining users lie in pool two and enjoy the pool of 5000 MBOX. The other 5000 MBOX distribute among the users with more than 20 MBOX tradings.

Activity 2

The users with a net deposit amount of at least 80 MBOX shared a 10000 MBOX pool.

Activity 3

In this activity, a trading competition they were occurs. The users with at least 300 MBOX trading volume enjoy a pool of 30000 MBOX. The first rank person got 2000 MBOX. The people from 4 to 10 rank received 800 MOBOX each. The users lay between 21 to 30 and got 450 MBOX each.

Activity 4

In this activity user with a net buying amount of a minimum of 150 MBOX got a share from the 25000 MBOX pool.


You can find a big list of crypto coin pairs, including BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, and several others, on the KuCoin site. Similarly, the BTC, ADA, and ETH prices with other market data are also on the KuCoin platform. There is no need to check other sites when you have all the crypto-related details on one platform. Also, KuCoin welcomes all the new coins and Metaverse projects on their site. In this article, we discussed one of the successful projects, MOBOX, in detail.

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