About CS: GO

The fourth game of the Counter-Strike series is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was released on macOS, PlayStation3, Windows and Xbox 360 in 2012. On the other hand, it was released on Linux in 2014. Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment took over two years to develop and release the game. Published by Valve, it a first shooter, multiplayer video game. Valve continues to update the game by adding large content and fixing up small patches with changes in technology.

The game is an objective-based game that is played in two teams. One is Terrorists, whose objectives are locating a place to plant, capturing hostages and the like. The second team is that of Counter-Terrorists, whose objectives are to defuse bombs, free hostages and more. The game can be played in a total of eight official game modes. These are Casual, Arms Race, Competitive, Death Match, Wingman, Danger Zone, Flying Scoutsman and Demolition.

CS: GO Ranks

In the initial version of the game, players often found players of the same level. The creators, therefore, came up with the ranking system for the game to resolve this issue. Besides, introducing the ranking system has also made the game more exciting. The ranks are divided into four groups: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian and Elite. There are a total of 18 ranks. The first is the CSGO Silver I (S1), and the last and highest is the Global Elite CS GO (GE). However, players need to earn ranks by doing two essential things. First, they must play open competitive matches to get the second level of experience. Second, they need to complete ten ranking matches. The matches must be played in different modes.

CS: GO High Tier Accounts

One of the beneficial features of the game is that the players can continue playing the game on purchased accounts. The CSGO High Tier Account of Master Guardian and Elite groups are available for purchase. These are ultra-premium accounts offered by many e-commerce platforms and are available at affordable prices. The platform that you purchase the account from takes the responsibility of regulating the activities. These accounts improve and enhance the experience of the players and provide them with the best features.

CS: GO 5-10 Year Veteran Coins

The Counter-Strike awards coins to its players for taking part in operations and when they achieve a milestone. The three main types of coins are the Operational coins, 5 Year coins and 10 Year coins. These coins can be accessed from the inventory displayed next to the profile of the player. The inventory only displays one coin at a time. The players get the five and 10-year coins when they have been a part of the Counter-Strike community for 5 and 10 years, respectively. Besides, the accounts must have good standing, and the players should have played at least one game. The players, who own the coins in the game, are eligible to purchase physical versions of these from Valve Store.

Conclusion :

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