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It is crucial to get a proposal from your influencer market campaign. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Once you have reached this point, you are probably on your way to a successful campaign. But, if you don’t, then I highly recommend you consider the influencer market for your brand.

With 89% of marketers suggesting influencer marketing to give a similar or even better ROI than other marketing channels, it’s no wonder the industry is growing so quickly. So, if you are needing some help to get started, check out how the Heepsy starter plan could do the trick! For now, let’s get into some tips about contacting influential people.

Here are some things to remember

After you have established your campaign goals and objectives, and have created a plan, you can start reaching out directly to influencers. While response rates are not always high, as figures show that only around 40% of influencers respond to messages, we can help you overcome this problem with some helpful tips. Remember that you should contact twice as many people as you are willing to work with. You won’t find yourself in a difficult situation if you receive only 40% of the responses.

Many factors can influence the response rate. It is important to choose the right channel to reach influencers. This will allow you to decide whether you are going to get in touch with them directly or if you end up talking to their manager. This is particularly likely to happen when contacting Instagram influencers with a large following that would typically require account management. This is because they will likely receive many proposals, so it’s important to make sure that your proposal stands out.

Before proceeding, you should consider the shipping time frame, any monetary incentives, and whether a contract is required to be signed. You should have written confirmation of your order, even if it is an email.

Time to contact

Depending on the number and type of influencers you wish to reach, you have two options: a manual outreach or an automated one. If you only want to contact a few influencers then manual contact could be an option. If you choose to find influencers with Heepsy, then your business account can provide contact details for influencers as shown below:

Whether it’s Instagram or YouTube influencers you’re searching for, you’ll find different social media links, an email address, and different means of contact. While it’s important to communicate clearly and effectively with influencers by hand, we will not go into detail about this.

An automated outreach channel is a better option, especially when it involves contacting many influential people. While there are many tools that can help you with your outreach, we suggest Yet Another Mail Merge. This Google addon is designed to help you reach multiple influencers at once. It allows you to create email templates and tracks the progress of your outreach.

After creating Google Sheets with the names and addresses of influencers, activate the YAMM Add-on in Sheets. Gmail allows you to create an email template that addresses all the key points of your proposal. This template can be customized using YAMM. The column with email addresses will allow you to find YAMM and select add-ons. To start the merge, choose the email template you’ve created.

Google’s tracking tool is a great way to keep track of emails you’ve sent. The tracking report can be viewed on your Sheet. You will be able to see the status of each email, such as opened, clicked, responded to or bounced.

What to Include

As we’ve already said, the message content is very important. You need it to be succinct and attractive to get the attention of the influencers. It is important to make your message easy to understand and attractive. Your incentive is also crucial. These points should be included in your message.

* Introduction: To give a description or product of the brand.

* What is the campaign’s purpose? How can this influencer help you?

* You will offer an incentive, either monetary or non-monetary.

* Type and quantity of content they will post.

* Specific instructions and guidelines for the contract.


You can contact a lot or a few influencers, but you need to make sure your message stands out. This is what you need to do:

* Attractive – for influencers to be enticed.

* Short – To catch their attention and provide concise information.

* Personalized – Use YAMM for assistance.

* Clear – Use titles and subjects to emphasize important points.


This will help you to send out your outreach emails effectively. This part of your campaign can be made easy by using tools such as Google’s YAMM and Heepsy, an influencer marketing platform. Keep these tips in mind to create a compelling message that will get great results.

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