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Cheerful Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas For Generation Alpha

Every generation has a different set of cultural attributes, thoughts and technology. Generation Alpha is the latest generation that is born after 2010 to the millennials. The kids of the newest generation are different from the rest as they are in a world of cognitive stimulation and are quirkier than the previous generation. So the space they live in that is their bedroom needs to be designed to accommodate those needs. Choosing a bedroom decor is quite a challenging task, especially if they dilly-dally on their most-liked theme. If you are looking for inspiration on bedroom decor ideas, browse through the below ideas to check out high-quality kids’ bedroom furniture; visit the Wakefit website.

Think beyond Bright Coloured Walls

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of a kids’ bedroom is bright, bold and vivacious colour. These spaces are a great place to try bold colours and decorating choices with dedicated themes. However, while the use of dedicated themes and multiple colours look stunning, it may not be an ideal choice for you. As the child grows, they may not want these bold colours and may be forced to do a makeover. To prevent this and yet make your kids’ bedroom attractive, think beyond paint and choose to decorate walls differently. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn your child’s artwork into wall art: Convert your child’s artwork into a unique gallery with framed pieces. Choose frames of different sizes to create a better visual effect. You can also make individual canvases by using a photo print.
  • Use geometric designs: If the space has white walls, you can stick various geometric designs and shapes by using stickers of contrasting colours.
  • Choose removable wall decals: These days, wall decals come in many patterns and styles and are temporary. So you can get your kids to decorate their room in the way they like knowing that you can easily remove them when they grow up. Additionally, these wall decals are affordable, so there is no hole in your pocket.


Natural lighting is an important thing in a kids’ bedroom, but as that is not always available, the next best way is to use artificial lighting that can brighten the room. Use multiple lighting fixtures that serve different purposes, including finding their way to the bathroom at night. It is also one of the easiest and economical ways to make the bedroom space lively. Some of the ways to lighten the bedroom are:

  • An overhead pendant light comes with a dimmer switch so that it can be adjusted based on the needs.
  • A floor lamp can be easily switched on and off as needed. These lamps are sturdy and also accomplish the task of providing ambient lighting.
  • Use wall sconces for a richer look and also to get lighting at the exact position you need.
  • Table lamps for older kids can be used on the desk or to get light for a changing table in a baby’s room.

Stylish Storage

The storage plays a great role in the overall look of a generation Alpha kids’ bedroom. Installing modern wardrobes online that offer multi-functionality is the way to go. Choose a colour that is gender and colour-neutral so that it works for many years to come. One can also opt for vintage cabinets, or if the space is minimal, you can also go vertical. Open closets with colourful storage bins are also an attractive option. Whatever storage option you choose, ensure that the room is free of clutter and all the toys are stored and organised neatly.

Choose the Right Bed

One of the bright kids’ bedroom ideas is to have an attractive bed frame as it can easily become the focal point of the space. Depending on the age of the kid, the bed frame needs to be selected. For a newborn, there are many cribs online that one can choose from. However, for older kids, there are many options, but it is dependent on the size of the room. Make sure the size of the bed is such that it allows some space between the bed and the wall for easy movement. Since the kids grow at a rapid pace, choose a bed that will enable them to stretch. Also, opt for strong bed frames and mattresses so that they can absorb all the jumping around. Sheesham wood bed is a great choice for bed frame as it is sturdy.

Colourful Ceiling

If a bed frame and a bedside table are the focal points, a colourful ceiling can dramatically alter the room’s look. Decorating the ceilings with planets, stars, or your child’s favourite characters is a chance to add more colour and decorate it without much expense. To this, add some decorative lighting to transform the space into a sleep haven.

Creating a beautiful and charming bedroom for a kid is not just for vanity, but it is also to encourage kids to live independently and confidently. When they have their own space, it can help them explore their talents and interests, helping them grow up to become well-rounded individuals. Irrespective of the kid’s bedroom ideas you choose, ensure that the setting offers a coherent look.

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